When it comes to trustworthy eyewear companies, Ray Ban makes the top list for sure. Being the leader when it comes to both style and technology, the company produces eyeglasses with innovative materials and techniques to offer light but strong frames that are comfortable and perfect for active men.

Men who wear Ray Bans are perceived as powerful and confident. The Ray Ban selection of eyeglasses for men includes iconic frame designs such as Wayfarer, Aviator and Clubmaster in various type of frames from rimless to full rim and different colors to fit the needs of men with a minimalistic classic style but also the needs of modern men who prefer comfortable eyeglasses with a modern clean-cut look. Besides the iconic frames, rectangle frames are also available in full rim, rimless and semi-rim in many color options.

The Carbon Fibre used to build some frame models is the same material used in high performance race cars and the aeronautics industry. These eyeglasses are extremely strong and rigid even though they are comfortable to wear.
Light-Ray technology is also used to produce eyeglasses frames for men. These frames are lighter, thinner and none the less stronger. Each hinge has been put through 5000 cycles to guarantee the frames are flexible and life-resistant.

For men who prefer colorful eyeglasses frames, Ray Ban has built plastic frames using Cellulose Acetate, a  hypoallergenic plastic material. The plastic frames are flexible, lightweight and they come in a variety of colors from bordo to violet and light green. These frames are perfect for active men who embrace a modern style look.

Metal frames made from titanium can also be found in the Ray Ban selection for men. Built for men who are more into classic eyewear than into modern high-street eyeglasses, these frames are perfect for anybody who likes metal eyeglasses since they are strong but light, they are hypoallergenic, extremely durable and corrosion-resistant.

The wide range of frames is a result of great technology innovation and it makes Ray Bans perfect for confident businessmen with a classic style and young creative men with new-age style at the same time.

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242 Results

Ray Ban RX5154 CLUBMASTER eyeglasses
19 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX5228 eyeglasses
24 colors / 3 sizes
Ray Ban RX7047 eyeglasses
17 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX6335 eyeglasses
8 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX5169 eyeglasses
9 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX8901 eyeglasses
7 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX6363 eyeglasses
8 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX3447V ROUND METAL eyeglasses
10 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX8412 eyeglasses
4 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX5279 eyeglasses
9 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX5286 eyeglasses
7 colors / 1 sizes
Ray Ban RX6375 eyeglasses
9 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX4340V WAYFARER EASE eyeglasses
6 colors / 1 sizes
Ray Ban RX6396 eyeglasses
9 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX7025 eyeglasses
6 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX8903 eyeglasses
5 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX5150 eyeglasses
10 colors / 3 sizes
Ray Ban RX5268 eyeglasses
12 colors / 3 sizes
Ray Ban RX5277 eyeglasses
3 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX7066 eyeglasses
11 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX6238 eyeglasses
1 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX5206 eyeglasses
7 colors / 2 sizes
Ray Ban RX5387 eyeglasses
7 colors / 2 sizes

242 Results

Ray Ban Eyeglasses Customers Reviews

Ray Ban RX8901 eyeglasses review
on 24 Oct, 2019 by Frank L. from Seattle WA
this model will always be in style. it is a bit pricier then other models of raybans but still a good deal comparing with other sites and optical stores.
Ray Ban RX7047 eyeglasses review
on 22 Oct, 2019 by Joshua Colins from Denver, Colorado
Nice glasses @ a good price.
Ray Ban RX5154 CLUBMASTER eyeglasses review
on 21 Oct, 2019 by Helen from Cleveland, OH
Great product for such an incredible price! I didn't think it was the real deal at first, but when it came in the mail with the authentic box, plastic bag, cleaning clough and original casing I was very pleased.
Ray Ban RX5228 eyeglasses review
on 28 Mar, 2019 by Elizabeth from Tulsa ,Oklahoma
The website is so easy to navigate. The price for complete glasses was super reasonable compared to other sites. Looking forward to my new glasses!!
Ray Ban RX6238 eyeglasses review
on 11 Mar, 2019 by Alexander B from Loveland OH
I have been wearing eyeglasses for the past 7 years and this is so far the best frame i could have found. Very durable as well as very comfortable. Always wanted the plastic frame with the adjustable nose pieces as they prevent the frame from sliding down my nose:). My prescription was done correctly and my order was fulfilled within the processing time advised. Shipping was fast. I'm very satisfied with my purchase will order again .
Ray Ban RX3447V ROUND METAL eyeglasses review
on 8 Feb, 2019 by Hossein from Boston, MA
This website is my go-to for prescription glasses now. SUPER affordable (easily 200 less than other sites), very quick, great customer service (the Live Chat was really convenient). HIGHLY recommended.
Ray Ban RX5279 eyeglasses review
on 21 Dec, 2018 by Cade Jenkins from Florida
This is the perfect frame for people with wide faces:) Happy I finally found a pair that fits me perfectly.
Ray Ban RX5268 eyeglasses review
on 15 Oct, 2018 by George Preston from Akron OH
Ray Ban RX5334 eyeglasses review
on 11 Sep, 2018 by Waylon from Wetumpka Alabama
Love my new ray ban 5334 thanks , will be a repeat customer in the near future...!!!!
Ray Ban RX7047 eyeglasses review
on 8 Aug, 2018 by Smith from Brooklyn NY
Great company and product ,very satisfied with the transaction . Thank you .