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Prada eyeglasses tell a story of elegance and opulence, being style statements made by one of the most popular fashion brands in the world. All the eyeglasses are exceptionally stylish, sophisticated and very elegant. There are models for people who appreciate high fashion and the unmistakable Prada design. All frames are resistant, have adjustable sizes and come in various styles, ranging from retro to modern.

Retro Prada frames are made out of Zyl, a highly versatile and popular plastic used in frame manufacture. It offers an endless possibility for texture, patterns, and color. Prada manages to offer a unique retro-vintage design with beautifully embellished temples in black and animal prints. For an extra touch of style, you can choose the models with added crystals on the temples. The Retro Prada frames have rounded edges with a single bridge and wayfarer lenses.

Those looking for a modern look have access to different Prada eyeglass styles like Geek, Minimal and Exhibitionist. Geek Prada frames offer a sophisticated craftsmanship that is focused on technological design and an extremely modern high fashion vision. The segmentation stands out as timeless and fashionable with wider frames around the hinges and fixed bridges.

Exhibitionist Prada frames instantly stand out because of the creative details added. The front frame is fun and colorful with matching monochromatic temples that have a uniquely styled shape, reflecting the wearer’s originality.

Minimal Prada frames are a combination of retro frames with classic design elements that create an attractive baroque influence. These eyeglasses are a fashion statement as they are perfect in all settings from office use to nightlife thanks to delicate craftsmanship. Temples and frames are retro-vintage with delicate classic and modern elements added, thus creating a modern appeal.

Prada eyeglass frames can be bought with demo lenses or with RxLenses, which are created according to your prescription. All Prada eyeglasses for prescription use are guaranteed to offer a perfect fit based on available sizes. Frame sizes are based on eye size width, bridge (according to the distance between lenses) and temple length.

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Prada Eyeglasses Customers Reviews

Prada PR 07VV CONCEPTUAL eyeglasses review
on 12 Feb, 2020 by s heusaff from
did not know that the color orange havana will be this good. right choice for the color
Prada PR 13VV CATWALK eyeglasses review
on 12 Feb, 2020 by G. Daza from Poway, California
Thank you Prada for producing a nice quality frames and thank you GlassesOnWeb for the prescription lenses, for offering products for an affordable prices.
Prada PR 13VV CATWALK eyeglasses review
on 10 Feb, 2020 by Trish from Southlake, Texas
Very good customer service. Assisted me in placing my order.
Prada PR 16MV eyeglasses review
on 6 Feb, 2020 by Pauleen from
I have a prada frame ordered from you. I like it. My husband's frame was broken. Decided to order him a new pair from you. Ordered this one because I want him to have the same brand of frame I have. You guys offer nice quality branded frames for a fair price.
Prada PR 11RV TRIANGLE eyeglasses review
on 6 Feb, 2020 by Scarlet K. from Utah
Ordered this frame model because it is the best seller Prada frame on your site. Right choice, it is nice and has a perfect fit.
Prada PR 53UV eyeglasses review
on 4 Feb, 2020 by Meryl S. from El Paso
I want to order with prescription lenses but because you do not offer bifocal, I ordered just the frame. I like the frame and will bring it to my eye doctor for the lens part. Thank you for having an option to order just the frame.
Prada PR 53UV eyeglasses review
on 3 Feb, 2020 by Nelly G. from Miramar, Florida
Found this one in store nearby but the do not have the color I want which is the color striped beige. Luckily they do not have it because you offer it for a better price. Lucky me!!!
Prada PR 01UV HERITAGE eyeglasses review
on 31 Jan, 2020 by T. Aldana from Napa, California
Loving the color gradient bordeaux. It really looks nice. Did not expect that. I'm used on wearing neutral colors but the gradient bordeaux is an exception.
Prada PR 16MV eyeglasses review
on 30 Jan, 2020 by R. Castillo from San Pablo
I like my new Prada frame ordered from you. I want to order again for a different style.
Prada PR 53UV eyeglasses review
on 29 Jan, 2020 by Kristy Russell from Brooklyn
Been wearing my prescription glasses ordered from you for 2 weeks already. It is authentic Prada frame. Prescription is accurate. Frame's design is cute and nice. Fits well.