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OGA Eyeglasses Customers Reviews

OGA OG6899O eyeglasses review
on 30 Dec, 2013 by sergio from
The best eyeglasses made, durable and nice looking frames.
OGA 6451O 2100 eyeglasses review
on 22 Dec, 2011 by Michael from USA-Nebraska
I've have been looking for professional glasses and these are great. I have mine in black and love them. I have been thinking of getting a second pair.
OGA 6682O ALTRA eyeglasses review
on 29 Nov, 2011 by Jeff H from Milwaukee WI
I've had these for a couple of weeks now. They are very comfortable and stylish. If you're looking for something that is going to make a great statement about your eye wear, don't hesitate to get them. The walnut finish appears nearly black at a distance. The red/brown (what I've got) looks more like a golden oak color. The two tone looks pretty cool too in person. These photos don't do these frames justice. I wear mine from the time my head comes off the pillow till the time it hits the pillow and have not had any issue with them thus far. This is a good price on these frames compared to what you'll find out there. I've seen as high as 6-700 bucks! ouch! I didn't get mine from here, and paid a "little" more than this. Still...it's a great frame. I can't say enough good things about these frames.
OGA 6354O 2100 eyeglasses review
on 1 Nov, 2011 by Miranda K. from Dysart, Australia
After being expected to fork out almost double the price in my local store, I turned to the web. These are excellent quality glasses. I believe that your website has provided me with a fantastic look and quality, without costing me a small fortune. Shipping took a little longer then I expected, (3 weeks) but well worth the wait. Cheers Mate.
OGA 6704O COPENHAGEN eyeglasses review
on 25 Aug, 2011 by ZBYSZEK M. from MELBOURNE, Australia
It took a while to get them ,but in the end i'm very pleased to wear them .Thanks
OGA 6455O T130 eyeglasses review
on 21 Jun, 2011 by alan williams from dartmouth
own for two years. comfortable and reliable.
OGA 6346O 2300 eyeglasses review
on 31 Mar, 2011 by Tony P from Pearl River, USA
Arrived quick exactly as promised. I looked at them at a local store then saved 33% by buying here. Got a lot of compliments on the glasss as well
OGA 6454O T130 eyeglasses review
on 7 Feb, 2011 by Barry I. from Port Jefferson, USA
I love these frames but my mall-based retailer wanted $380 for these frames. These are much more solidly constructed and stylish than anything else I've seen. Pearlevision did my exam and was more than happy to take my progressive lens order and fit me with these frames. The tech even remarked how nice these frames were. I don't think I'm paying retail again.
OGA 6621O 2900 TACK eyeglasses review
on 29 Nov, 2010 by Bernard E from Evanston, USA
You do not have a scale on your "price", "quality", "design", and "overall" attributes. I would rate the glasses I ordered OGA 66210 2900 Tack the highest rating on each variable. The price was great on glassesonweb.com, the quality is to be determined with long-term use, but appear to be top notch, the design is the most desirable aspect of the glasses - although I would ideally like the lense to be just a little bit longer.