Nike is the world’s leader in athletic equipment and accessories. Nike eyeglasses stand out as a perfect statement of the quality offered by this brand. All models are designed for athletes and those with an active lifestyle, while taking into account all possible eye problems one may have.

Built for intense use, Nike eyeglasses offer options for men and women. Weather you need glasses for reading or for all day use, it is a guarantee you will find something comfortable, durable and capable of enhancing performance.  

When choosing glasses, you first look at the frame. Nike frames are made out of resistant materials like Flexon, Monel, Titanium and Zyl. Monel is the most used material for metal frames because of its resistance and adjustability. Nike eyeglass metal frames made out of Monel will be durable and easy to adjust. They have strong resistance to corrosion and are stylish.

Many plastic Nike eyeglass frames like those used in the Nike 5527 are made out of Zyl, a high quality plastic that is lightweight, strong and hypoallergenic. It is used to offer access to a variety of patterns and colors while also making the frames highly comfortable and chic. Nike plastic frames maintain the characteristics of the brand (performance, resistance and durability) and offer dozens of colorful options, perfect for a modern look.

Those looking for something truly special can choose Flexon Nike eyeglasses. Flexon is a Nike patented metal alloy that makes the frames durable and nearly impossible to twist. Unlike conventional frames, Nike Flexon frames are lighter and more comfortable to wear. They are perfect for an active lifestyle. Currently, Nike Flexon eyeglass frames are the world’s favorite flexible frames. They have high resistance to metal fatigue, are perfect for all day use and complex activities.

When referring to frame shape, Nike offers flattering glasses for everyone: rectangular and square shapes, rounded edges shapes, oval shapes and semi-rimless frames.  Nike eyeglasses are designed to meet your needs.

If your main concern is style, you should not be worried. Nike glasses suit every single style! Classic, stylish, sporty, retro - you can choose from a variety of shapes in order to always look stunning while wearing your Nike glasses. If you are looking for colorful Nike frames, you will not be disappointed!  Blue, orange, yellow, red and black are just a few options you will find for Nike frames.

Nike eyeglasses are visually perfect and you will be happy to hear that the lenses we use are equally perfect. All Nike glasses available include high quality RX lenses that undergo strict quality control to guarantee that the glasses respect your prescription. At the same time, the frames are perfectly fit and offer adjustable sizes so that your Nike eyeglasses stay on even during sporting activities without pressing on your face. You will not be bothered by improper fitting of temples or nose pads and hinges will not break.  

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