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Gucci GG0004O
Gucci GG0006O
Gucci GG0006OA
Gucci GG0011O
Gucci GG0012O
Gucci GG0013O
Gucci GG0018O
Gucci GG0025O
Gucci GG0026O
Gucci GG0027O
Gucci GG0027OA
Gucci GG0030O
Gucci GG0038O
Gucci GG0039O
Gucci GG0042OA
Gucci GG0093O
Gucci GG0094O
Gucci GG0098O
Gucci GG0109O
Gucci GG0110O
Gucci GG0112OA
Gucci GG0121O
Gucci GG0131O
Gucci GG0132OJ
Gucci GG0134O
Gucci GG0157OA
Gucci GG0160O
Gucci GG0161O
Gucci GG0162OA
Gucci GG0165O
Gucci GG0166O
Gucci GG0168O
Gucci GG0174O
Gucci GG0176OA
Gucci GG0184O
Gucci GG0187O
Gucci GG0188O
Gucci GG0191OA
Gucci GG0201O
Gucci GG0202O
Gucci GG0211OA
Gucci GG0219O
Gucci GG0241O
Gucci GG0247O
Gucci GG0254OA
Gucci GG0259O
Gucci GG0264O
Gucci GG0269OA
Gucci GG0272O
Gucci GG0274OJ
Gucci GG0278O
Gucci GG0278OA
Gucci GG0294O
Gucci GG0297OK
Gucci GG0301O
Gucci GG0302O
Gucci GG0303O
Gucci GG0304O
Gucci GG0310O
Gucci GG0312O
Gucci GG0316O
Gucci GG0317O
Gucci GG0323O
Gucci GG0329O
Gucci GG0333OA
Gucci GG0337O
Gucci GG0342O
Gucci GG0343O
Gucci GG0344OA
Gucci GG0349O
Gucci GG0372O
Gucci GG0373O
Gucci GG0374OA
Gucci GG0378OA
Gucci GG0379O
Gucci GG0383O
Gucci GG0384O
Gucci GG0385OA
Gucci GG0390O
Gucci GG0391O
Gucci GG0392O
Gucci GG0396O
Gucci GG0398O
Gucci GG0399O
Gucci GG0408OA
Gucci GG0409OK
Gucci GG0420O
Gucci GG0421O
Gucci GG0424O
Gucci GG0425O
Gucci GG0426OA
Gucci GG0441O
Gucci GG0442O
Gucci GG0444O
Gucci GG0445O
Gucci GG0453O
Gucci GG0454OA
Gucci GG0455OA
Gucci GG0456O
Gucci GG0458OA
Gucci GG0465O
Gucci GG0466OA
Gucci GG0469O
Gucci GG0470O
Gucci GG0473O
Gucci GG0476O
Gucci GG0486O
Gucci GG0486OA
Gucci GG0487OA
Gucci GG0490O
Gucci GG0492OA
Gucci GG0513O
Gucci GG0513OA
Gucci GG0523O
Gucci GG0524O
Gucci GG0526O
Gucci GG0527O

Gucci eyeglasses

Gucci is a renowned luxury brand known worldwide for its capacity of combining traditional and modern elements into their products. The result is a timeless product with a modern twist that cannot be ignored. When it comes to eyewear, Gucci maintain the same strategy, creating innovative sophisticated eyeglasses for men and women.

Being a premium high-fashion brand, Gucci uses only materials that can provide durability and style at the same time.

In the eyewear industry, most plastic frames are made from Acetate, a material made from natural cotton fibers that gives the frames a natural feel. But, Gucci decided that their eyeglasses need more than a natural feel, so the Acetate used in the production process of their eyewear contains a higher percentage of natural materials. This innovation is part of their decision to find alternatives to petroleum-derived plastic. The frames manufactured through this process are extremely lightweight, flexible and they enable the possibility of having colorful eyeglasses. 

Being a company that cares about environmental issues, Gucci also created frames using bio materials made from castor seeds.

For customers who prefer classic eyeglasses, metal frames made from high-quality materials are available.  Stainless steel that guarantees strength, flexibility and durability is used to build some Gucci frames. But again, this was not enough for a company that likes to innovate the eyewear world so they decided to build ruthenium frames. A member of the platinum family, this metal is non-corrosive, strong, durable and resistant to scratching and abrasion.

We cannot talk about Gucci, without talking about style. The frames are not only stylish, they are amazingly designed in full-rim, rimless and semi-rimless, in a variety of shapes such as cat eye, rectangle, wayfarer, to name just a few. The brand’s creativity and incredible taste is shown in the various patterns, textures and colors. The frames and the temples complement each other when it comes to colors and color combinations, but they are also very comfortable, hypoallergenic and very light.

The Gucci selection includes a variety of style frames and types to suit every person’s style needs.

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117 Results

Gucci GG0337O eyeglasses
2 colors / 1 sizes
$335.00 $156.78
Gucci GG0038O eyeglasses
4 colors / 1 sizes
$335.00 $156.78
Gucci GG0184O eyeglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$335.00 $156.78
Gucci GG0026O eyeglasses
4 colors / 1 sizes
$255.00 $119.34
Gucci GG0004O eyeglasses
4 colors / 1 sizes
$255.00 $119.34
Gucci GG0011O eyeglasses
6 colors / 2 sizes
$335.00 $156.78
Gucci GG0006O eyeglasses
8 colors / 2 sizes
$255.00 $119.34
Gucci GG0241O eyeglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$498.00 $232.83
Gucci GG0342O eyeglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$313.00 $146.25
Gucci GG0278O eyeglasses
4 colors / 2 sizes
$335.00 $156.78
Gucci GG0466OA eyeglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$335.00 $156.78
Gucci GG0272O eyeglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$335.00 $156.78
Gucci GG0383O eyeglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$335.00 $156.78
Gucci GG0160O eyeglasses
5 colors / 2 sizes
$283.00 $132.21
Gucci GG0131O eyeglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$390.00 $182.52
Gucci GG0396O eyeglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$405.00 $189.54
Gucci GG0297OK eyeglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$405.00 $189.54
Gucci GG0409OK eyeglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$348.00 $162.63
Gucci GG0025O eyeglasses
6 colors / 1 sizes
$255.00 $119.34
Gucci GG0274OJ eyeglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$470.00 $219.96
Gucci GG0465O eyeglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$335.00 $156.78
Gucci GG0399O eyeglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$405.00 $189.54
Gucci GG0030O eyeglasses
1 colors / 1 sizes
$375.00 $175.50
Gucci GG0093O eyeglasses
5 colors / 1 sizes
$255.00 $119.34

117 Results