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Eyeglasses Customers Reviews

D&G DD1150 MINI LOGO PLAQUE eyeglasses review
on 21 Dec, 2015 by Virginia J. from Plymouth, USA
I am thoroughly pleased with my purchase. The frames were a replacement for an old identical frame, so I had something to compare against. Perfect!
D&G DD1179 eyeglasses review
on 26 Oct, 2015 by Shayla C. from Montgomery, USA
I am wearing my D and G's now and I absolutely love them. I get a lot of compliments on the frame design and I love it. When I'm ready for my next pair of frames your company will be my first choice to make my purchase from. Thank you.
D&G DD1150 eyeglasses review
on 19 Mar, 2014 by Amy Heilman from rockford, USA
i love my new glasses, it was worth the wait.
D&G DD1233 eyeglasses review
on 17 Feb, 2014 by Dina Jones from TEXAS CITY, USA
Upon finding these frames online, as well as, being a fan of D and G's line of eyewear. I was a little apprehensive about purchasing these frames. Of course, it was for all of the obvious reasons...online, very reasonable, and just the unknown to name a few. Well, let me tell you, I'm beyond ecstatic for making this purchase and they were just what I was looking for!!!! My advice to prospective buyers...GO FOR IT!!!! I'm looking to purchase two more pairs as we speak!!!
D&G DD5074 eyeglasses review
on 16 Jan, 2014 by Kenneth R. from Charlotte, USA
These glasses are great. I sent them to my doctor to have my prescription put in and she immediately made the comment of "nice" upon seeing them. Of course the price helped; all brands had them the cheapest of anyone online.
D&G DD1233 YOUNG&COLOURED eyeglasses review
on 12 Sep, 2013 by Viet Vo from Lafayette, USA
I want to thank you for the great deal.. the perscription is perfect. I hope you guys give out coupons. I would love to order a pair of sunglasses.
D&G DD1150 eyeglasses review
on 22 Jun, 2013 by Mark Kini from Beverly, USA
D&G DD1245 VIBRANT COLOURS eyeglasses review
on 12 Jun, 2013 by Adrienne Wharton from Indianapolis , USA
I order glasses from your site because the price was awesome! The doctor price was $169 for the same frame. They were very patient with also. I had the prescription, but not the PD (Pupillary Distance). My optometrist office tooks me through hell to get it having go to the office and sign forms. It took almost 3 wks for me to do it, Your site sent me emails to remind me but never anything nasty. Great Service!!!! I love my new glasses
D&G DD1245 VIBRANT COLOURS eyeglasses review
on 9 Feb, 2013 by Hannah R. from Eugene, USA
Both of my items arrived on time and in perfect condition. They were exactly what I ordered and I am very happy.
D&G DD1176 eyeglasses review
on 3 Nov, 2012 by Christopher Higdon from Bristow, USA
The glasses we ordered for my son were almost half of what the local shop wanted us to pay and it is the exact same model. Glad we found them.