Carrera is a brand that knows how to satisfy the sunglasses wearers since mid 50s. Building frames that incorporate stylish designs and the comfort of sports eyewear, the brand has a special sunglasses collection for women. This collection features both classic and iconic frames in a wide range of colors and prints.

Carrera knows how to combine resistance, durability and style. The sunglasses frames include the trademark Champion design, timeless aviators, squares, rectangles and contemporary over-sized and wraparounds styles. Offering so many alternatives, Carrera made sure that no matter the face shape, women will always find the perfect sunglasses.

High quality materials like Optyl, Polyamide injection molded plastic and Stainless Steel are used to build the Carrera sunglasses frames. Each material has a specific set of characteristics that translates into the sunglasses frames.

Frames built using Optyl, a hypoallergenic thermosetting plastic, adapt to the wearer’s face and they allow the use of outstanding colors and 3D effects. The sunglasses that feature Optyl frames are extra lightweight and comfortable. 

Polyamide injection molded frames are very thin and flexible and they maintain the colors and shine throughout the entire sunglasses’ life. Resistant to temperature variation and chemicals, the frames made with this nylon based plastic are perfect for active women who are afraid that outdoor activities and cosmetics will damage their sunglasses.

Durability, strength and flexibility are featured in the metal frames made from Stainless Steel. Women who prefer metal frames are guaranteed these characteristics and on top of them, they can be sure that these Carrera frames are also perfectly fitted thanks to the adjustable silicone nose pads.

When it comes to lenses, style and high-quality are mixed together to create emblematic lenses that offer 100% protection against UV rays and harmful lights.

Mirrored coating and polarized lenses that reduce glare are featured in some sunglasses while others have colorful lenses to help reduce eyestrain, avoid color distortion and enhance clarity and vision.

Active women who love outdoor activities are offered many style alternatives by Carrera who believes that passion and courage should reflect in great stylish sunglasses.

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Carrera Sunglasses Customers Reviews

Carrera Carrera 90/S sunglasses review
on 20 Jun, 2016 by Gloria Canchola from Mission, USA
I received my sunglasses and they are absolutely perfect. Thank you. Love them.
Carrera Carrera 5031/S sunglasses review
on 14 Jun, 2016 by Shauncie from New York, USA
I'm loving my Carrera 5031/S sunglasses! They are stylish and make me look chic!!!!! I have received many compliments on them. I wish they were a tad smaller as I have a small face.
Carrera Carrera 94/S sunglasses review
on 26 May, 2016 by Carlos Sanchez from Tucson, USA
The order arrived on time and the glasses were everything I expected them to be.
Carrera Carrera 903/S sunglasses review
on 24 Jan, 2015 by Eric Rodgers from Rockledge, USA
I've been wearing the Carrera 903/S glasses exclusively for over 5 years now. In the 5 years, I have owned only two pair. I believe that is a testament to their quality. I just ordered two more pair because I'm afraid they will be discontinued someday. They have very scratch resistant lenses and I've compared the clarity to other more expensive glasses and they are every bit as good.
Carrera Carrera 903/S sunglasses review
on 23 May, 2013 by J. Carlson from Clermont, USA
I love them and am thinking of getting a second pair.
Carrera Speedway/S sunglasses review
on 28 Sep, 2010 by Mike E from Phoenix, USA
Love the product and was the best price I found on the web! Ship time was a little slower but all in all a great purchase!
Carrera Hot/S sunglasses review
on 26 Mar, 2010 by santiago p. from miami, USA