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Carrera creates sunglasses for active wearers since 1956. Today, the sunglasses selection for men includes both iconic Carrera designs and timeless designs that bring together comfort and style.

Suiting the needs of every men in terms of style and sunglasses characteristics, Carrera produces frames using only premium materials.

Optyl, an extremely lightweight thermosetting plastic material, offers extraordinary characteristics like durability, extra-adaptability and corrosion resistance.

Polyamide injection molded plastic can be shaped in many special frame types like wraparounds and other over-sized frames. Chemical and fatigue resistance and high strength are just some characteristics of the frames produced with this material. 

Metal frames are also part of the Carrera sunglasses collection. Stainless Steel is used to create durable, strong and flexible hypoallergenic frames. The metal frames have hypoallergenic silicone nose pads to make the sunglasses as comfortable as possible.

Impressive iconic frames like the Champion model that has a huge success all over the world and classic styles like pilot, rectangle and square frames can be found. All sunglasses frames for men have a masculine vibe and they are designed to be perfectly fitted to suit the needs of men who love outdoor activities.

In terms of colors, Carrera offer severything from black and grey to blue, green and red sunglasses.

Knowing that men with active lifestyles need very good protection against harmful lights, Carrera has great lenses alternatives.

Great UV protection is guaranteed by the polarized lenses which help to reduce glare and to offer great clarity at the same time. Men can choose mirrored coating lenses with lighter to make sure the light is reflected when it hits the lens’ surface.

A wide range of colorful lenses is also present in the Carrera sunglasses collection for men. Lenses that don’t distort colors, lenses perfect for outdoor activities, lenses that reduce eyestrain and lenses that improve visibility, men have many alternatives that offer protection and style.

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color: (0N7U) Blue Gray
size: 62-11-140
$158.00 $81.90
Carrera 6016/S sunglasses
color: (0YCE) Royal Blue / Palladium
size: 64-11-130
$158.00 $81.90
Carrera Hot/S sunglasses
color: (08FS) Blue Ruthenium
size: 62-8-140
$146.00 $76.05
Carrera New Champion/S sunglasses
color: (0QZT) Blue Ruthenium
size: 58-16-140
$158.00 $81.90
Carrera 96/S sunglasses
color: (0KLV) Blue Ruthenium
size: 59-14-135
$168.00 $87.10
Carrera 101/S sunglasses
color: (0D6K) Matte Blue
size: 57-17-145
$170.00 $88.40
Carrera 113/S sunglasses
color: (0D6K) Matte Blue
size: 55-18-145
$168.00 $87.10
Carrera 114/S sunglasses
color: (0D6K) Matte Blue
size: 51-20-145
$203.00 $105.30
Carrera 116/S sunglasses
color: (0RGO) Blue Ruthenium
size: 52-19-140
$135.00 $70.20
Carrera 5034/S sunglasses
color: (08JY) Transparent Blue
size: 57-17-145
$158.00 $81.90
Carrera 6011/S sunglasses
color: (0IDK) Matte Blue
size: 59-12-140
$191.00 $99.45
Carrera 8010/S sunglasses
color: (0TVJ) Matte Blue
size: 59-15-140
$191.00 $99.45
Carrera 8019/S sunglasses
color: (05R1) Semi Matte E Blue
size: 64-13-135
$169.00 $87.75
Carrera 91/S sunglasses
color: (06VX) Matte Blue
size: 61-13-135
$158.00 $81.90
Carrera Champion/M/T/S sunglasses
color: (0IDK) Matte Blue
size: 64-9-135
$168.00 $87.10
Carrera New Panamerika/S sunglasses

15 Results

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