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8 May, 2020
Jose Q. from Delaware
Eye catching eyeglasses. I could see that all people passing by are looking at my eyeglasses.
1 May, 2020
Dennis R. from Virginia
This is very good, I have never worn plastic eyeglasses before and it fits perfectly and it is lightweight. Thank you so much!
30 Apr, 2020
Calvin F. from Maine
I received the eyeglasses I have ordered and it is better than the ones I have before. I'm expecting more but I am just neutral on the color I picked. I should have picked the other one but everything is good in terms of authenticity and your service. Thank you!
28 Apr, 2020
Kevin Q. from Arkansas
Perfect frames and lenses made into finest. Quality is great, authentic. Thank you so much!
27 Apr, 2020
M. Hernandez from New York, New York
I got the package earlier than expected, it is for my husband so I checked it first to make sure he will not be disappointed and to me it is perfect. I got him surprised and he is very happy. Thanks!
24 Apr, 2020
J. Brown from Maryland
My eyeglasses were broken, found out your website which does sell just like mine. It came very quick and now I have them again. Very good glassesonweb, here is a 5 star for you!
23 Apr, 2020
Alexander from California
I recommend these eyeglasses to every man, really good and have a very premium design and color. I also want to thank glassesonweb on this. 5 stars for your rating!
22 Apr, 2020
Greg from Florida
Fast and reliable websitebusiness. A lot of discounts too! I will buy next time for a different style.
21 Apr, 2020
Andrew from Kentucky
It is good to know that your website has a very nice reputation that is why I ordered from here, fast and reliable!
20 Apr, 2020
Claude V. from Erie, Pennsylvania
I order this one through phone call, very easy at all. Thank you so much!
17 Apr, 2020
Ron A. from Fort Myers, FL
I like the simplicity of the color black and it compliments with the design of the frame. I really love my new eyeglasses!
16 Apr, 2020
Brendon from Indiana
A lot of choices, if only I have enough money I will buy all I want because what I received is authentic and real! Also the lenses are done perfectly!
15 Apr, 2020
Nathan A. from Colorado
Your website is good, frames are great and the lenses were made perfectly. Overall it is my best frame so far. Thank you!
13 Apr, 2020
Dave M. from Farmington Hills, Michigan
I always drive at night but since I have poor eyesight I need eyeglasses. The one I ordered here is really good. Thank you so much!
10 Apr, 2020
Eddie from Washington
This brand of eyeglasses is the best for me. Really looks premium and have a great style.
9 Apr, 2020
Hugh G. from Florida
I did go for a different style and choose this one and gladly it fits well and it is good to me!
8 Apr, 2020
Willy J. from Cincinnati, Kentucky
Everything I ordered is perfect!
7 Apr, 2020
Josue C. from Minnesota
This frame is perfect for my Rx, it is stylish and have a strong built. Quality is really good, genuine persol eyeglasses.
6 Apr, 2020
Weldon from Bellwood, Illinois
Finest eyeglasses, very premium!
3 Apr, 2020
Harold G. from Saint Louis, Missouri
I am very satisfied with the product and service. I ordered these with prescription lenses. It is really really good, Thank you so much!
2 Apr, 2020
Ron G. from Cannon Beach, Oregon
Absolutely perfect for the lenses I ordered, very stylish and discounted already. Bought these glasses for my work. Great buy!
1 Apr, 2020
Richard K. from Orange, Virginia
I have this frame but it broke apart and I ordered from you and it is exactly the same. Great doing business with you. Thanks!
31 Mar, 2020
Skyler from Iowa
I will rate your website as 5 star but for the eyeglasses I was a little bit disappointed with it, although it is authentic I was not happy with it. I though it is good looking but it is just a mid range. The lenses were in fact very good, it is better than nothing to wear. Thanks!
30 Mar, 2020
P. Martin from Manhattan, New York
Good finish of the product and it feels really premium. The fit on my head is right on the spot!
27 Mar, 2020
C. Harris from Rochester, New York
This eye wear is very cool, fits great and quality is solid. I have to say that your website deserves to be rated as trusted and reliable!
26 Mar, 2020
R. Albright from Atlanta, Georgia
Easy peasy ordering through your website. Great chat and call support by the way!
25 Mar, 2020
Timothy A. from Wisconsin
I love the glasses on how they look nice on me and fits well. They are not that heavy and the most I like is the finish of the frames, looks premium.
24 Mar, 2020
Karl N. from Rainsville, Alabama
It is really easy to use your website. It only took me a few minutes order this one with lenses. Very informative and directive. Five stars well deserved!
23 Mar, 2020
Samuel G. from California
I've been wearing eyeglasses for my entire life and I was just too happy for the frames that I bought from you that is why I made a review. Giving you five stars, you deserve it. Thanks a lot!
20 Mar, 2020
Eddy from Orlando, Florida
Everything is great. From the price, design, weight, and etc.
19 Mar, 2020
Cesar T. from Plattsmouth, Nebraska
I've been loving these so far. I read books a lot and I also do paper stuffs at work. And it really helps me out. I bought them with readers lenses of course.
12 Mar, 2020
James H. from Montana
I broke these frame and I looked forward in looking cheaper frames online but also tried to look at for these exact frames since it has prescriptions, I was shocked that I saw yours online it is cheaper. I was worried that I will be getting a knockoff but then your customer support assures that you only sell authentic and brand new eye wears. Continued to order and when I received them all of my doubts wear off. It is great, solid and authentic!
11 Mar, 2020
L. Wise from
Very good. Well packaged and complete accessories - case and cleaning cloth plus there is an itemized invoice I may use to claim with my insurance. Thanks
10 Mar, 2020
Wilson K. from Cincinnati, Ohio
Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the Rx lenses. You won't regret ordering online. I would also like to say thank you to all your staff providing answers to my queries.
9 Mar, 2020
Carroll M. from Chicago, Illinois
This is the first time I will use eyeglasses just for fashion, I do not have any eye prescriptions. Gladly it was really good looking and have a classic touch which I really like.
6 Mar, 2020
Grayson P. from Arkansas
Great buy. Everything was discounted, I already have a quotation from local store regarding my lenses and this frame which I want but suddenly I bumped into your website and tried to order one with prescriptions. I was shocked of the discount and proceed with it, then it was delivered. The product is just the same, it is authentic. I am so satisfied!
5 Mar, 2020
Damian from Montgomery, Alabama
These pair of eye wear is excellent, the quality is incredible. It doesn't feel flimsy at all, these are the best pair of glasses i ever had before.
4 Mar, 2020
Perry from Texas
I was once called "You're too handsome with those eye wear" in a public place while wearing these frames. Woah! I never expected that, quality and design is great. Thank you so much!
3 Mar, 2020
Jensen S. from Idaho
I really like them. Frames looks very expensive, doubting at first from its appearance online but upon delivery of the eyeglasses, I was stunned by the beauty and quality.
2 Mar, 2020
Ash from Connecticut
All the time I was wearing eyeglasses. Suddenly my favorite frame broke apart then I did a purchase online on your website. Now I am wearing these frames, great fit and comfortable, this will be my favorite eyeglasses from now on!
28 Feb, 2020
Rob S. from Texas
The lenses I have ordered with these frames are in best condition so far. The coating is perfect and my glasses were made entirely for satisfaction. Thank you guys!
27 Feb, 2020
Harvey from Kansas
These frames are comfortable to wear, fits perfectly. I'm satisfied with the ordering process, support and delivery time. Happy and contented!
26 Feb, 2020
Stan from Missouri
Very good design! Customer support is also very responsive and discounts are great. Nice deal!
25 Feb, 2020
David from Montana
I love this brand of eyeglasses so I choose this to try a different one. I’m glad i was able to order them with prescription lenses with a great discount. Fast transaction and great product. Will definitely buy another one and different brand!
24 Feb, 2020
Ryan F. from Zanesville, Ohio
I pretty love these frames. Very comfortable to wear without sacrificing its good looks.
21 Feb, 2020
Darren from New Hampshire
Colorways are great, choose wisely because once you have it you will be in love with the frames. The beauty, quality and built of the frames were too good. 5 - Stars for having these!
20 Feb, 2020
Fred from Wyoming
After looking glasses at the local stores which fits me well, I ordered these glasses to your website rather than in local store because of discounts and it really fits me very well and they are light as well.
19 Feb, 2020
Kevin S. from Colorado
Got these frames and got a lot of compliments. Design is too good!
18 Feb, 2020
Alex M. from Washington
Everything here on the website is easy, from selecting frames to selecting the lenses and choosing what type of lenses and addons. Very comfortable using the website and the finish product is very accurate. Nothing more to say. Thank you!
17 Feb, 2020
Martin S. from North Carolina
These frames looks so PREMIUM, everything is perfect, the color, the fit, the built and its components. No regrets in buying frames online!
14 Feb, 2020
Darcy from Arizona
Perfect frames for my work, no fatigue in the eyes and had a smooth fit all throughout. Great to have these pair!
13 Feb, 2020
Earl W. from California
I bought two kinds of frames, one is this Persol eyeglasses. Upon delivery, excitement of opening the box is rushing through and giving me nervousness since it is a online order which I did not saw in actual but when I saw them I was amazed of the quality and built. These are real and authentic!
12 Feb, 2020
Russ A. from Idaho
Great for my daily use in the office!!!
11 Feb, 2020
Harlan from Oregon
Never had experience shopping online before. It bothers me because I cannot see the actual frames. But I keep my faith on your website and when it was delivered I was amazed how secure the packaging was and the frames were authentic!
10 Feb, 2020
Hubert B. from Virginia
Great website and business. True to whatever your order is. Frames 100%, Prescriptions 100%, Customer Support 100%, Overall satisfaction 100%!!!
7 Feb, 2020
Xander M. from Montana
Accidentally bumped to your website when I'm searching these kind of frames. Out of my curiosity, tried to order one with prescriptions and without no doubt and thinking twice. Luckily, it came perfectly matched with what are my prescriptions. I'd rather go now buying with you that from local stores. Trusted website!
6 Feb, 2020
Edwin G. from South Carolina
I love the design especially the curves. Looks like I'm going to buy another color of these frames. Thank you for the first one!
5 Feb, 2020
Raymond from Nevada
I ordered everything here including the lenses with the premium package. Everything is perfect, my prescriptions are right. No issues, so it is a 5-Star rating for your website and business!
4 Feb, 2020
Clifford from Pennsylvania
Woah! The color is amazing in actual than in the pictures. No regrets in buying online especially with your website with a lot of discounts made. Thanks
3 Feb, 2020
Leopold from Connecticut
Woaaah! It is a regret for me that I never seen your website before. I ordered a pair of frames on other website before, now I saw your website, looks promising and it is cheaper. Now I have them, it is a total satisfaction!
31 Jan, 2020
Adrian W. from North Carolina
These frames are worth buying, it is much cheaper here than others!
30 Jan, 2020
Katherine B. from Colorado
I bought my husband these frames with readers lenses. Great to see that he is satisfied with the glasses as he always read books all the time.
29 Jan, 2020
Jim F. from Montana
Bought my father these kind of frames with prescriptions. I see him now very happy and satisfied with his new glasses.
28 Jan, 2020
Robin from Maryland
These frames are nice option for prescription lenses, especially if you want something stylish and more classic. Also it is a better alternative to other brands if you loose interest on those. Quality and efficiency is great!
27 Jan, 2020
Benedict B. from Sacramento, California
This is my second pair for this brand "Persol". The first one is from an optometrist which was a few years ago. I saw your website offering Persol frames with discounts that is why I was moved to order online with lenses also, upon checking them, this proves that these frames are authentic since I own this kind of brand. I get compliments all the time on them and anyone who has tried them on looks good in them. All said that these frames are way too classic and I really love them.
24 Jan, 2020
Toby P. from Oklahoma
Great website, secured and reliable!!!
23 Jan, 2020
Winston K. from Laughlin, Nevada
Your website offers a lot of frames with discounts. Gladly I placed an order to you guys including the prescription lenses. I saved a lot of money. Recommended!!!
22 Jan, 2020
Dane S. from Minnesota
It looks promising when I ordered and when it came, it was perfect! The item is legitimate and the frames looks so great.
21 Jan, 2020
Tyrone Boscio from Hillsboro, Oregon
I like round shape frames. Suits my face. It took a week before my order was shipped but I understand your processing time. All that matter to me is its authenticity. Thanks!!!
17 Jan, 2020
Albert K. from New York
Looking for these amazing frames for a long time, I saw your website and it is discounted, I also saw the Rx lenses which was 50% off. Just wow! All of those discounts save me a lot of money. 5 stars for you guys!
16 Jan, 2020
Stanley from Montana
One of the best frames ever, very ideal to wear. Also, your website is the best, it is very cheap here than any other websites. I fact check my frames which I bought from you from a local store and it is AUTHENTIC!!!!! I am so happy with it.
15 Jan, 2020
Russel from Illinois
No more designs, just a black one will satisfy me and on actual when I received them, the frames are lit and fits perfectly. It is very smooth and classic! I will use these frames everyday!!!
14 Jan, 2020
Ken S. from Colorado
One of the brands I'm looking for and I am glad that you have them in stock. Nice service also, customer queries are responded quickly. The shipment of the package is secured. Thanks a lot!
13 Jan, 2020
Ron from
This one is the perfect frames, great for having prescription lenses!
13 Jan, 2020
Melvin D. from Fortuna, California
Ordered from your site for the 3rd time. Still satisfied and happy. You guys are doing great!!!
10 Jan, 2020
Aaron F. from Summerville, South Carolina
These frames are good especially for Rx lenses. I really love it because of the solidity and style. I will just give you 4 stars since I need progressive lenses that I need to find local store which provides progressive lenses and you just only do single vision lenses. I really pushed this order since the frames are a great deal with really big discount. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with it.
9 Jan, 2020
Gavin R. from Delaware
Glad I found a website where purchasing was made easy and the discounts are real! Got these frames with Rx lenses at an affordable and discounted price.
8 Jan, 2020
Samson C. from New Jersey
This frames are enough for me, beautiful, stylish and the most perfect part is that it is very comfy and lightweight. I'm loving these frames now.
7 Jan, 2020
Nate Thompson from Swampscott, Massachusetts
Significantly cheaper than when you buy in the store. Even it arrived late, still satisfied. Thanks
7 Jan, 2020
Alexis from Florida
I love the color on these frames, I ordered a striped brown.It is very comfy as well and if you're looking for a stylish frames that doesn't sacrifice the comfort these are definitely worth the value. I 100% recommend these!!!
6 Jan, 2020
Bobby A. from Wyoming
Quality and price of the product is great than the ones at local stores. I am quite surprised and never been disappointed that it was shipped right on time. I am a very satisfied customer.
3 Jan, 2020
Johann S. from Norman, Oklahoma
My best frames so far. I already owned frames before which I bought from local stores. I tried your website to try online shopping and so far it didn't disappoint me and I already trust your site. Now I will keep coming back if I needed frames and lenses. Thank you!!!
2 Jan, 2020
R F from Montana
You are doing good as a company, providing discounts with people who wants it and leaving customer with contentment. I really love these frames, cool, nice and simple!
30 Dec, 2019
Hills from San Jose, California
Received my order. It was nicely packed. The frame is really protected with complete case and cleaning cloth. Kudos glasses on web!!!
30 Dec, 2019
Daniel from Oregon
Having these frames for Christmas is a real gift for myself. A lot of compliments I got from my relatives. These frames are authentic! I really love it.
27 Dec, 2019
Mark from Kansas
Nice and colorways with comfortable fit!
26 Dec, 2019
Phil R. from Colorado
Great glasses, made for daily use. Has a strong quality materials which was built for heavy usage. Even you accidentally slept with it. I also claimed my insurance, thanks for the fast response of your customer rep for providing me an invoice. Website recommended!
24 Dec, 2019
Don from Faribault, Minnesota
I like the gradient colorways of these frames. It gives a good look due to its curvy and round frame. I love them a lot than my glasses before. Thank you so much for this one. Kudos to your support team for helping me out of my order.
23 Dec, 2019
Ritchie G. from Edmond, Ok
Got mine earlier than expected. The quality of the frame is nice even the case. Frame will really be protected.
23 Dec, 2019
Ron from Connecticut
I was too happy that the person I gave these pair glasses really likes them so much. Regarding the frames, he said that it has a good color quality and great built so it will last for a long time. Thank you so much I did not disappoint that person of important to me.
20 Dec, 2019
M G from Saco, Maine
I'm tired of wearing branded pairs of eyeglasses like Nike. I tried this one to have different eyewear for the first time. Never disappoints my choice, it is a solid fit. Comfy and perfect for daily use.
19 Dec, 2019
Alexander G. from Kentucky
Simple yet good-looking. I would recommend this to people who are looking for a classic one. This frames are beautiful and durable. I will commend also the staff of glassesonweb for helping me out on my order. Thank you so much!
18 Dec, 2019
Timothy from Montana
These glasses are awesome. I do wear it everyday and it is a good lifestyle eyeglasses. Finally, I already found a website where I can buy glasses for my entire life. Thank you glassesonweb!
17 Dec, 2019
L. Hansen from Cincinnati
Material is good. Great color Stripped Red. Perfect fit. As expected excellent quality.
17 Dec, 2019
Caesar from Wyoming
I ordered these frames for a trip on Thanksgiving day. Had ordered them two weeks before because I'm aware of the processing time since I am a returning customer. And it came as I expected before the Thanksgiving.
16 Dec, 2019
Clark N. from Hillsboro, Oregon
I am in need of glasses for daily use. These glasses are great. I ordered two pairs of these in different colorways and I can say that these are built to last long. Highly recommended for everyone!
13 Dec, 2019
Troy from Idaho
Good design, built and quality! I am never wrong in ordering with your website. Great business, thanks for the discount!
12 Dec, 2019
DM from Austin, Texas
The frame is in good condition. It includes accessories. Well packaging. Super happy. Thank you
23 Apr, 2019
David M. from Wyoming
Your website made me so easy to order. In addition with that, my order came fast as I expected. Great company, will recommend and give you a five star!
11 Dec, 2019
P Z from Salem, Oregon
Really nice, I got these frames for 52% less! i decided to order it from your website than buying from local stores. Great savings, thanks.
10 Dec, 2019
seth from Iowa
I ordered one of these frames and a lot of colors to choose from. But for formal events, I choose the black one. It came faster than I expected, opened the box and looked or a few second. Voila! It is authentic and in good quality!
9 Dec, 2019
Terry J. from Michigan
These glasses are near in perfection, the quality, design and built is superb. Amazingly I ordered from your website and it never gave me any problems.
6 Dec, 2019
Robert Lewis from Lake Como, Florida
Everything about this frame is perfect. The size, color and style are great. Would recommend to everyone.
6 Dec, 2019
bob from Tennessee
These eyeglasses were perfect for a prescription lenses. Lightweight, strong and had a classic design. I've been a long time customer of your company and you never fail to deliver the best. Thank you so much!
5 Dec, 2019
Barrett from North Dakota
This color combination is better on actual. Gladly I purchased these frames with this color than the Ray Bans I looked into before. For now, I'm loving the frames and soon I will buy again from your website.
4 Dec, 2019
E Z from South Carolina
If you are looking for simple and nice looking frames, this is the one for you. I ordered these frames on your site with a discount price and a 50% prescription lenses. They came fast and completely perfect. You did not disappoint my expectations. Thank you for bringing fast and reliable service!
3 Dec, 2019
Paul from Columbia, NJ
It is legit. Keep up the good work!
3 Dec, 2019
keith from Rockland, Maine
Ordered one of these frame last month. After a weeks of usage, I decided to put a review regarding the frame and our website. First the frames, these are very lightweight with a premium built quality. The hinge today until today are still tight and did not loosen just a single bit. Second your website, it is very easy to order especially with prescriptions you are guided easily. Service was done perfectly. Looking forward to come back again and order to you guys!
2 Dec, 2019
Jesse from Maine
Perfect eyeglasses for me. You guys have a very good website!
29 Nov, 2019
William W. from Ohio
When I ordered last time from a different website, I am very disappointed. Then I look for the another website and found yours. Gladly I had to deal with a fast and smooth transaction. Got no worries at all and it all came better than before.
27 Nov, 2019
David G. from New Hampshire
This one is too perfect to me!
26 Nov, 2019
Jonathan from South Boston
Ordered the color Gradient Grey Strip Green. This is the color we saw in store and my gf likes the way it looks and fits on me. We received the order and we are both amazed because it is really the same quality but definitely for a cheaper price. We will purchase more from you for our families and friends as gifts.
26 Nov, 2019
Tyrone from Indiana
I owned Ray Ban glasses before but when I saw persol designs I decided to try different brand. I ordered one without any experience with it. When the time came for the delivery and received it, I'm starting to love Persol eyeglasses. Thanks to glassesonweb!
25 Nov, 2019
G C from Edina, Minnesota
What a perfect glasses! I will order again from your web.
22 Nov, 2019
R V from Seattle, Washington
I had a hard time choosing which persol eyeglasses should I choose. Gladly I already found one which is the persol PO3168. Persol eye wear do have unique designs which I like. I also ordered a different brand of frame but I really like this one.
21 Nov, 2019
John from Montana
The looks are right for my age. Owned persol eye wear before and it never disappoints me. Thanks to your site for a good interface.
20 Nov, 2019
Liam from Rockford, Illinois
Looking for frames for about 2 weeks. Then I found your website which offers discount on frames and not only that your website also have discounts for the lenses. Ordered one and sent my prescription, transaction goes smooth, received my ordered. Now received them, it is perfect!
19 Nov, 2019
Shawn S. from California
When it comes to online business, I doubt ordering and trusting the seller. But then I found your website with good customer service support. You guys accommodate me well and gives an assurance. Thanks for these. Now I really love these glasses.
19 Nov, 2019
Lance C. from Miami
First time to order and I asked for assistance with your rep. He helped me placed an order. When I received it, it was the correct frame as my current lenses fits well on them. Great service!!!
18 Nov, 2019
Johnny from Louisiana
A nice built frames. All of the moving parts are solid and intact properly. Already dropped them once accidentally but nothing happened. This kind of frames is what I need since I am very clumsy.
15 Nov, 2019
T J from Kentucky
I never felt wearing glasses with these frames. Very thin and lightweight but the build and quality is great, it is sturdy. Also bought them form you with prescription lenses. It was worth buying, everything is perfect.
14 Nov, 2019
Adam Z. from Ames, Iowa
It was a really great day for me when I received the frames. It was my birthday then. I was looking for this glasses a long time ago. To my surprise, my wife bought them for me. I was so glad that day! I will also buy women frames from your website soon to surprise her also. The glasses are great in terms of quality and authenticity.
13 Nov, 2019
jordan from Washington
At first I doubt to order one because these are odd looking frames due to the colors. I ordered one and when I received them, it is oddly satisfying. It is very premium in build and quality. Also bought them with a prescription, it is correctly done. Nice service for your company!
12 Nov, 2019
Mark from Michigan
The frame's quality proves authenticity. I like the fact that it comes with an original case.
12 Nov, 2019
James from Raleigh, North Carolina
When I ordered these eye wear, I got the wrong color. Then I emailed on right away to correct the color and got a response the same day that it is changed at my request. The glasses are great and it fits me well.
11 Nov, 2019
Andrew R. from Califronia
I called your customer support and ask about this product. You answered my questions perfectly and nice. You even assisted me when ordering. You guys also offered 50% discount for prescription lenses. It is done in a sweet deal. When I received the frame, I tried them and the prescription is perfectly done. I love the way the frame looks and fits me!
8 Nov, 2019
C Palma from San Francisco
Ordered Persol eyeglasses and sunglasses. This site also offer prescription lenses. Will add lenses once I got my prescription from my eye doctor
7 Nov, 2019
Jade from Lake Mary
I can say this is really authentic made in Italy as I talked to the rep and she said it may take a week before it will be shipped because it is coming from Italy. Well packaged and has complete accessories.
5 Nov, 2019
Sean from AL
Thumbs up. Thanks a lot
5 Nov, 2019
ANDREW from Auburndale
4 Nov, 2019
Emma from
I know this is for men but I like how it looks on me when I tried it at the local store. Love the details of the color and design.
1 Nov, 2019
Edward from New Hampshire
I just placed an order , literally just pressed submit button and got an order confirmation:) but I want to share my positive experience right away. Checkout process is all one page!!!!!! No jumping from page to page. Very easy. I hope after this the rest of the process will be as easy and simple as placing this order . Waiting to get my order .
31 Oct, 2019
Vivian McDouglas from Bel Air Kansas
Purchased this as a gift to my brother. I do not know any about frames but the customer rep I talked to was very helpful. My brother really likes the frame and will get his prescription done locally. He needs bifocal, so sad you do not offer that but overall we are both satisfied with my purchase. Hope you will offer bifocal lenses soon so we may order lenses too. We will surely recommend your site with our friends and relatives. Thanks a lot.
31 Oct, 2019
Gregory Golotovski from Ingelwood Ca
One word says all *** CLASSIC***
30 Oct, 2019
Brian Webster from Washington DC
Vintage style and design. I recommend to everyone who appreciates stylish sophisticated look.
30 Oct, 2019
Valentin from
I shopped through my eyedoc for years and years before turning to online shopping. My biggest concern was what if i receive them and they do not fit, or i don't like them what will happen then. After reading reviews i tried for myself. It was an easy process from start to end. Communication was excellent all e-mails have been replied within hours. I received my package very fast although was initially advised will take some extra. Glasses came with everything i would have received if got them from my doc. It was a very successful fist time purchase.
30 Oct, 2019
Spencer Willbrook III from GA
Made in Italy. High grade material as you will expect form Persol.
28 Oct, 2019
M R from Ohio
Simple and stylish. Great frames, very high quality
28 Oct, 2019
Tripp Whitescop from Charlestown West Virginia
Customer service was great, made the whole process easy and streamlined. 10/10 will buy from here again
26 Oct, 2019
Kyle T. from IA
I've been buying these for the longest time, and every pair I've bought have been great. This is the first time I've bought from this site, so far been a good experience.
26 Oct, 2019
derek fa from San Francisco
Love how these look, they're very stylish. Comfortable too, I'm all round very satisfied with these.
25 Oct, 2019
Sam K. from Indianapolis, IN
The customer service here was spectacular, everything was streamlined and done in a very timely manner, removed all the headache from buying in other places. The glasses themselves are nice, with a very stylish and timeless look and all round nice build quality. 10/10
25 Oct, 2019
Mark N from Wyoming
i have been wearing glasses since high school and went through different brands and designs. So far persol has the best quality product. Have several pairs for different occasions. Highly recommending.
24 Oct, 2019
Richard Y. from Albany
Good glasses, not too expensive. Pretty light, pretty comfortable, nothing crazy going on with styling. Sleek and slim, great for everyday wear.
21 Oct, 2019
daren from Philadelphia
The name speaks for itself. 5/5
17 May, 2016
Mark Dun from pasadena, USA
just a new frame.time needed to use them ,then we all will have right level of experience and satisfaction.thank you.mark.
10 Apr, 2016
Anthony Chen from Silver Spring, USA
Great product; great look.
3 Oct, 2014
Susan J. from Cherry Hill, USA
I love them
3 Oct, 2014
Susan J. from Cherry Hill, USA
I love them
26 Apr, 2014
Curt Yaeger from Bremerton, USA
Persol is a fine made optics product, I will probably purchase more form your company. Thanks, Curt Yaeger
21 Oct, 2013
Geoffrey Lake from Fort Collins, USA
Great glasses!!!
4 Sep, 2013
Good prices and quick delivery.
16 Jul, 2012
Benigno F from Suffolk, USA
Excellent frames. Handmade. Arrived quickly despite backorder status. Packaged beautifully. Cannot recommend highly enough.
3 Jun, 2012
2 Apr, 2012
David Ratcliff from Bristol, USA
look great, feel great, waiting for lenses
26 Oct, 2011
William S. from Howell, USA
Great quality frames and prescription, excellent service, I'll be a return customer!
12 May, 2011
Mujahid K. from Princeton, USA
Love the price and the frame. What a saving, store asks for 300+. I had them for 165 delivered to my home. No tax no shipping.
8 Apr, 2011
Alexander P. from Bloomfield Village, USA
Product looks great and is fun to wear. Arrived promptly. Would have been better if lenses were cleaned prior to arrival.
16 Feb, 2011
Shawn D. from Windsor, Canada
I was very sceptical ordering online, but for the great price for these very hard to find frames I took a chance. I was informed after ordering that these particular frames were not in stock. I ended up waiting about 3 weeks. I was informed as to the progress but email frequently. I finally recieved an email saying my frames were actually ordered for me from Italy. That was pretty cool. I recieved a final email with tracking about 2 days later. It took about a week through Canada customs. I recieved my frames nicely packaged. The frames are really cool, and the lenses are really nice and transistion nice. You can really get some nice unique authentic frames , but you may have to wait a couple weeks longer. Great service and products. Highly recommended. Thanks
31 Jan, 2011
Juvenal V. from Weston, USA
Excellent Product, experience and service. definitely I will recommend this product and the provider.
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