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12 Mar, 2020
J. Hernandez from Sicklerville, NJ
I did not post review right away the time I received my order. I tested first the quality and it is great and proves it is authentic. Actually this is my second order from you but want also to be sure with my second item. First one is still in good quality. Thanks glasses on web!
10 Mar, 2020
J. Ortiz from Porterville
Had to cancel my order because it is out of stock but your prices are very good and I will check back in the future to see if your site has a live inventory
9 Mar, 2020
J. Yongo from Cutler Bay
I like that you have a one year warranty for frames but I hope you will also offer warranty for lenses.
5 Mar, 2020
Elaine from Huntley
Just got the frame. It has no damage. Fits well and looks elegant. 5 stars!!!
5 Mar, 2020
Sky from Louisiana
These are fantastic. Thank you!!!
2 Mar, 2020
D. Potter from Chula Vista
The quality is just amazing. I love it and it fits perfecty.
2 Mar, 2020
Laura from Pekin, Illinois
The product is really great. Got it on sale so it's very affordable.
27 Feb, 2020
Belle from Claremont
I so loved the purchased item from you. You are the best among all the website I used before.
27 Feb, 2020
S. Gray from Manassas
The frame is nice but I had to return it because it did not fit on me. Will surely place a new order and will make sure that I will not need to return it. Thanks for your customer service in assisting me to do a return.
25 Feb, 2020
S. Wilson from Bradenton
I cancelled my order because I can not wait for the back order. But you guys have a great customer service. Will definitely consider you guys in the future.
21 Feb, 2020
K. Miller from Pomona
Love everything about the frame. Thank you so much!!!
21 Feb, 2020
N. Reid from Redwood City
I ordered another frame because I was very satisfied with this frame. Thanks GlassesOnWeb!
19 Feb, 2020
Yara from Yakima
Fast delivery and authentic item
17 Feb, 2020
samantha from jonesville
beautiful frame, perfect fit and came early!
13 Feb, 2020
C. Zarah from Vineland
I love my new frame,,,super loved it, quality and style are excellent
13 Feb, 2020
Aura Mari from Nacogdoches
I got this on a sale and was surprised when I received it. Fortunately, the fit was on point. You get more than what you paid for.
11 Feb, 2020
K. Ford from Grayson
I love my color navy frame with transitional lenses ordered from you. You did great!!!
7 Feb, 2020
Carla B. from Staten Island
When I placed my order, I told myself that I will surely make a review once I receive my order. May it be bad or good review. My order arrived yesterday. I like the design and quality of the frame. Price is fair. Service is great.
6 Feb, 2020
Cecille from Kelso, Washington
I placed an order for the color crystal clear but was advised that it is on back order. I got the color dark tortoise instead. I like it but I will surely order the color crystal clear once available. Thank you for letting your customers know about delay.
4 Feb, 2020
C Miller from
I got my glasses today. To be honest, quality is really good. Really glad I got my glasses from you.
31 Jan, 2020
A. Carrey from Oregon
I just placed the order. Read a lot of good reviews for this MK4058 frame and of your service. Excited to receive my order. Will leave another review once received.
29 Jan, 2020
F. Kramer from Flower Mound, Texas
Michael Kors is my trusted brand. It offers nice frames for an affordable price. I like not only the style but also how durable the frames. Thanks GOW! Happy to know you offer my trusted brand. From now on, will be ordering from you!
27 Jan, 2020
Tin R. from Rockville, Maryland
My order is correct. Correct style, color and size was delivered. Shipping is free and quality is 100%
24 Jan, 2020
Martha G. from Cincinnati
Guy, thank you for your excellent service! Will order again for sure.
22 Jan, 2020
Monica Barro from Midway City, California
I like the style, the MK on the temple. Did not expect that it really looks nice because I did not see it in store before ordering. I read your return policy and if in case I do not like it, will do an exchange but luckily I like it no actually I love it. No need to return. Will order more!!!
20 Jan, 2020
Katarina Ross from Leander, Texas
High quality products and accommodating customer service. I like my frame, it looks good on me. I will order again for my best friend, her birthday will be next month. This will surely be a perfect gift for her.
16 Jan, 2020
Joyce A. from Deltona, Florida
You did not fail me glasses on web. Thumbs up!!!
15 Jan, 2020
Erin Collado from Bridgewater Township
Thank you glasses in web. I got my order last week. It does not have any damage not even a scratch. Proves that your prescription lenses were carefully made and it fits well on the frame. Will order again and my next order will be a prescription sunglasses. Hoping it will be great purchase as this one.
14 Jan, 2020
Rina H. from Wisconsin
Very kind and accommodating customer service. 100% authentic items. I will surely order again.
14 Jan, 2020
Luz from Brownsville, Texas
Got my frame. It is so pretty. Thank you!!!
10 Jan, 2020
Savannah from Manhattan, New York
I love the frame. It looks elegant and it has nice packaging, the box is not damaged. Got it on sale price. I am an happy online shopper
9 Jan, 2020
Laine from Matteson, Illinois
Thank you so much. The frame is very beautiful for its price. I'm using it already for two weeks.
9 Jan, 2020
Nicole Perry from Cottage Grove, Minnesot
Thank you so very much. Your prices are great and from my experience your customer service phenomenal.
8 Jan, 2020
Coleen from Collin County, Texas
Classic and nice.
7 Jan, 2020
A. Cruz from Carmel, Indiana
Received the glasses on time. It was Christmas gift for my sister. She likes it. Will order again from you.
6 Jan, 2020
Cecilia H. from Maryland
Looks exactly as advertised. I will coming back to you. My family have inherited my eyes so I will recommend this site for the purpose of buying frames and lenses. Thank you!
3 Jan, 2020
Arianne from Roanoke, Virginia
Great frames with remarkable design. Prescriptions are made perfectly, no more worrying where to order. This is my lifetime website for my needs for eyewear!
3 Jan, 2020
S. Capili from Celina, Texas
It is so nice. Fits well on me. Like it sooo much. Delivery took long but it was okay because of holidays. Thank you. Will order again on this site.
3 Jan, 2020
Alyssa Henry from Midland, Georgia
Very cute frame. I like the color and style. Will definitely order again.
30 Dec, 2019
Patricia Fatmi from Houston, Texas
I really love your products. As a matter of fact, this is my 3rd order from you but my first time to write a review. Thank you glasses on web for never disappointing me with my orders. Quality products, well packed and free shipping.
27 Dec, 2019
B. Currie from Malvern, Ohio
Stylish. Fit and finish is exceptional. My mom liked it. I gave it to her as a Christmas gift.
26 Dec, 2019
B. Banker from Franklin, Kentucky
A business like you deserves five-star. You exceeded my expectations. I really like the frames and the finished of the prescription lenses. Kudos!!!
26 Dec, 2019
Eve from Valencia, California
It was my first time to buy online. I had a lot of questions and I'm thankful because your customer service agent is helpful and patient with me. You are doing great glasses on web. You have fantastic customer service, discounted price and high quality items.
24 Dec, 2019
Diane Rose from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Ordered bunch of frames from you as Christmas gifts. Package arrived on time. I like each frames I ordered. I'm confident about the authenticity. Surely, my relatives and friends will like my gifts to them. Thank you glasses on web. Looking forward to doing more business with you.
23 Dec, 2019
Leslie Estrada from Willingboro, New Jersey
Satisfied buyer here. Frame is in good condition and inclusions are complete. You exceeded my expectations. Thank you for providing an authentic item.
20 Dec, 2019
Karelle from Agawam, Massachusetts
I am a satisfied customer of glasses on web. The frame perfectly fits. Prescription lenses is really an anti glare. Transitions work best.
19 Dec, 2019
Aina Soffer from Parker
First look with the item the time I received it, I'm satisfied. I regret I did not add lenses but good to know that I may return it for my prescription lenses. You have an excellent service and you really offer quality frames.
19 Dec, 2019
L. Coley from Palestine, Texas
Just right good in every way just as expected
18 Dec, 2019
Audrey Cox from
Just got the item today. Tried them on right away, fits is amazing. Already own 2 michael kors frames. This will be an additional frame and I might be buying more from you because your price is great.
17 Dec, 2019
S. Larosa from Walsh Ranch, Texas
Perfect in every way. Size, color, price and material. I ordered it with prescription lenses with a discount of 50% off. Lenses are perfect. Planning to order a different brand with same prescription as an alternate glasses. I love your service!!!
16 Dec, 2019
Claudia Abrams from Hialeah, Florida
Great pair of glasses! My first purchase of MK4058 is color navy. Now I'm ordering different color. Will try color black injected. Excited to receive it!!!
13 Dec, 2019
S Rivera from
Awesome!!! Fast shipping. You get what you paid for. It is so beautiful.
12 Dec, 2019
Michelle from Oro Valley, Arizona
Frame is so beautiful. I was not able to order lenses because I need bifocal. But with the quality, price and color of the frame, I'm indeed a happy customer.
11 Dec, 2019
Kristy Ward from Manassas, Virginia
You were recommended by my sister. She always buy her glasses from you. I will surely recommend you to others because just like my sister I like my glasses. It was nicely packed and has a beautiful case.
10 Dec, 2019
A. Clark from Alachua, Florida
It came a little bit late. But all is good. I got an authentic item for a cheaper price. Giving you 4 stars but once you have live inventory the next time I order, will surely give you 5 stars.
10 Dec, 2019
Hazel M. from Chicago
Impressed with the item I received. I really like it. It comes with a nice case that made the glasses looks elegant.
9 Dec, 2019
C Nelson from Jamestown, Tennessee
So lightweight and well fitting. The most comfortable eyeglasses I've had. I strongly recommend this product.
6 Dec, 2019
Bella M. from Renton
Nice Nice Black Injected color. Recommended for daily use because it is lightweight.color. Recommended for daily use because it is lightweight.
5 Dec, 2019
Annette from
Excellent job. The item is original and very much appreciated how systematic your company is.
5 Dec, 2019
G. Sanders from Katy, Texas
Received my glasses on perfect condition. Your are doing a great job.
4 Dec, 2019
Casey from Kansas
Never had a hard time doing business with you. I like the format of you site and materials of the items for a great price.
3 Dec, 2019
Amy from Anderson, South Carolina
Item is in mint condition and as described.
2 Dec, 2019
aira c from jamaica, ny
if you want to get the best glasses on a best price then get it here
29 Nov, 2019
Jessica from Dumont NJ
Great frame and lenses. Bought it for my mom and it is perfect for her. Thinking what brand will I order for myself but no need to think if I will buy again from you because definitely I will.
29 Nov, 2019
A. Thomas from Austin, Texas
Hello glassesonweb. I'm a new customer but will surely order more because I am very happy with the glasses and your service.
27 Nov, 2019
R. Velez from Kansas
I so love MK. Thanks for 100% genuine and high quality MK frames!
26 Nov, 2019
Abby from Clinton, Montana
Smooth and fast transaction. Will do more business with you!
25 Nov, 2019
Sherry M. from
Because I really love these frame, I ordered two so I can alternately wear them. Michael Kors never disappointed me with their product and thank you glasses on web for offering this brand on your site. I appreciate your effort and service!!!
22 Nov, 2019
K. Ross from San Jose, CA
I did not make a mistake ordering the color transparent. I love how it looks even if I just saw it in the picture. When I received it, I was not disappointed but really happy.
22 Nov, 2019
Pat D. from Green Bay
I ordered reading glasses. Prescription lenses are perfectly attached to the frame. I can read well and I do not feel I'm wearing glasses.
21 Nov, 2019
T. Weldon from Brooklyn
Looking for a site online that offers frame and lenses for a reasonable price. Saw your site and you offer lenses for 50% off. I ordered. I'm happy and satisfied. Will order prescription sunglasses next time.
19 Nov, 2019
Ruby from Simi Valley
Autentic. Thank you! Loved it!
15 Nov, 2019
Neil from Michigan
My wife loves it!!!
14 Nov, 2019
Gwen D. from
My friend recommended your site. She ordered from you and she is happy and satisfied. At first I was in doubt because it is my first time to order online but I trust my friend so I ordered and yes I'm happy and satified too. Frame is really nice. Will also recommend you to everyone I know who needs glasses.
14 Nov, 2019
Ashley from SJ California
Your customer rep helped me find the frame model, color and size of my current frame so I will know what to order. I ordered these to transfer my lenses from my broken frame. Thanks to her. Lenses perfectly fit. Indeed, frames in local store is same with what you offer.
13 Nov, 2019
KC from San Francisco
I'm amazed with my first purchase. Item is in good condition. I also like your service.
12 Nov, 2019
Michael from Colorado
Thinking what brand to give to my gf on our anniversary. I chose Michael Kors so she will always be reminded that it was from Michael. Lol. Kidding aside, I like the quality and I can not wait to see how to looks on my girl.
11 Nov, 2019
Alyssa from
I ordered both colors for me and as a gift for my sister. She likes it the way I do. She asked where did I order because she wants a sunglasses too. She will also tell her friends to order on your site because she is really happy about it. Thanks to you because I'm happy with my order and I made my sister happy with your product.
8 Nov, 2019
Linda from USA Oregon
This is my 2nd purchase on glasses on web. My 1st purchase was a prescription eyeglasses for me. This time, it is for my husband. I ordered transitional prescription eyeglasses for him, he can wear it anywhere. He appreciates my effort to buy him one so I appreciate your great service. Thank you very much!!!
7 Nov, 2019
Klein from Oregon
Can not find this at local store. Found it on different site but you site offers the best deal for frame and lenses. It is also easy to use and customer rep are helpful.
7 Nov, 2019
Robin from
Purchase this for my daughter as a bday gift. She likes it. Thank you for providing quality yet affordable eyeglasses.
6 Nov, 2019
Christina from Bronx New York
To be honest I am not really a fan of online shopping because I want to see the item's quality in person but because I was sick and can not go outside to buy new frame I placed my first online order on your site. It is easy to navigate. I did not have a hard time. I received a brand new and authentic frame. I transferred my currect lenses. It fits well and that is a proof that what I purchased in store is exactly the same on what you offer.
5 Nov, 2019
Anne A. from lllinois
I was not sure if the shape of the frame will look good on my face. But still give it a try and luckily it really looks good on me. It was nice trying something new.
4 Nov, 2019
Aya C. from San Francisco
I have a MK bag and I'm looking to buy a glasses that will match it. Tried this immediatly the time I received it and it perfectly match my bag. Next time will order MK sunglasses.
30 Oct, 2019
Yulia T from brookline Massachussetts
Very eye catching glasses. Chic and charming. I`m very fond of the clear color .It accentuates my facial features .
27 Oct, 2019
Lauri, T from Ann Arbor
Good value, came in a really timely fashion, lovely look. Wonderful glasses overall.
26 Jun, 2019
Debbi from
I can't believe it took me so long to order glasses online. The frames are beautiful!!
23 Sep, 2016
Samantha from Illinois
Your site was so fantastic to deal with! These glasses are wonderful and I have absolutely no complaints!! I just received them today, but so far they are fantastic. I highly recommend these guys.
2 Sep, 2016
Michelle R. from
They are 100% legit, I love them so much since the first day I got them lol.. The quality is great and I would recommend anyone these eye glasses or this website, I will continue to order in the future from this site, I hope this review helps anyone looking for good glasses :)
4 Mar, 2016
Nil Leone from Coconut creek, USA
wonderful product
18 Jun, 2015
Terri from Palm Bay, USA
Easy transaction. Great product.
19 Mar, 2015
Nicole H. from Laurel, USA
My glasses came exactly as expected. They fit perfect,prescription is accurate and in a timely fashion. I will certainly recommended and reorder from here!
29 Jan, 2015
Georgianna Laws from Evans, USA
Found a frame design that I love and ordered it here for half the price of the eyeglass shop at the local mall. The glasses arrived quickly and the workmanship is great!
23 Jan, 2015
Chris Diaz from Chicago, USA
Love love love these frame. I saw them at Vision Works for $250. They are the exact same pair. I am already recommending this site to family and friends.
9 Sep, 2014
Ivette Arroyo from Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
This is was my birthday gift. I love them.
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