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11 Mar, 2020
Courteney from CA
Received earlier than expected. Ordered with plano lenses. I just want them for looks. Coating looks premium and has anti reflective properties. I love it
9 Mar, 2020
Jana Garcia from Michigan
They are really original versace! I had to wait almost 2 weeks, but sunce it's an original designer glasses and much affordable, i have no complaints!
3 Mar, 2020
Yvette Ridley from South Carolina
Saw this in local store but i decided to check it online. It js exactly the same. Fits in my face. First time wearing glasses and I'm lovin'it!
27 Feb, 2020
Kathryn from Indiana
All my friends would immediately notice that my new glasses is Gucci, I think the logo on the temple is giving it away but I'm not complaining. I'm loving my new glasses!
21 Feb, 2020
Ricky Morris from California
Not sure what others are complaining about the processing time. Imagine getting an original gucci glasses for just half the price or even lesser than other stores! Sure it took few more days but it's worth it!!
19 Feb, 2020
J. Mejia from Pennsylvania
The frame is very sturdy and size is just perfect. Received in a timely manner. Looking forward to order a sunglasses too! Thanks!
17 Feb, 2020
Kalvin from Arkansas
Legit gucci frames for much affordable price. Wooooow! Real Gucci frame.. Will surely order again!!!
10 Feb, 2020
Adrian Lynch from Iowa
It's my first time getting glasses and of course, I enetered my prescription wrong. They offered me another 50% off for a new set of lenses. And this time I'm sending in a copy of my prescription! Thanks a lot!
5 Feb, 2020
Caitlyn M. from New York
It's my first time getting glasses and I was sute about sizes. The rep I talked to explained how sizes works and what should I get. The glasses are perfect!
30 Jan, 2020
Kimberly Stewart from Oak Forest, IL
Highly recommended! Good prices, excellent service and fast turnaround time! Authentic gucci glasses! Thanks a lot!
29 Jan, 2020
Rudy Guevara from New Mexico
Bought this just for style, I don't really need prescription. Came in with original gucci box amd case. Really authentic gucci frames for mu h affordable price. Thanks!
27 Jan, 2020
Timothy Tan from New York
Glasses were shipped right away the day after placing the order and got them yoo by the end of the week. My glasses broke and needed a replacement asap so I'm very satisfied with the purchase and I will recommend it to my friends.
24 Jan, 2020
Kylie Ong from California
Classy style makes feel and look smartprofessional. Perfect for university. Thumbs up!
23 Jan, 2020
Cyrell Tan from VA
Perfect gift for my mom this coming Hearts day, coz she's been struggling lately with her old glasses. I think she will like it. Thanks to you!!
23 Jan, 2020
Cyrell Tan from VA
Perfect gift for my mom this coming Hearts day, coz she's been struggling lately with her old glasses. I think she will like it. Thanks to you!!
22 Jan, 2020
Mai Ligh from Pennsylvania
I don't usually write reviews but I just want to express how thankful and happy I am with the overall experience on this purchase. I had to modify the order several times and support team was very accommodating with all my concerns. Much appreciated!!!
21 Jan, 2020
Allen from Texas
Bought this as a gift for my Son. He loves how they look even my younger son now wants one. I'll probablu order another one for his birthday
20 Jan, 2020
Rey Guevara from California
My glasses arrived earlier than expected. Delivered in good condition. Price is lesser than in a local optical store. It's comfortable and very good style.
17 Jan, 2020
Davis from New York
its my first time ordering glasses online and it seem to be more convenient for me. With my work schedule, I can't really go to a mall and check for glasses. my friend recommended to check this website cause he got his glasses here. Then voila! Just click on place order and wait for a few days and you have your glasses
16 Jan, 2020
Edith from New York
I was not sure whether to pay this amount online for a glasses but I have no regrets! I received the glasses in good condition, the shipment was fast (or maybe since i'm also in new york). I love my new Gucci glasses!
15 Jan, 2020
R. Cunningham from NY
My wife bought this as present for my birthday. She got me the gray ones, she said it will suit me best because of my complexion aaaaaaaand I have to admit, they really look good on me! :) For the item itself, it's gucci, what else should I say?
14 Jan, 2020
Sienna Hansen from Hope Valley, Rhode Island
This is the best customer service I had for my online purchases. They helped me throughout placing the order and regarding my prescription and size. I decided on exchanging my order to white and I just advised them and they modified the order with no hassle on me at all. Support people are courteous and polite too. Thanks again!
14 Jan, 2020
lea myers from nevada
your website design is nice. easy to use. first time to order online and i'm glad i did it with you. it is an authentic item as i compared it with the items in the nearby local stores. thanks a lot!!! will order again for more!
9 Jan, 2020
Mrs. Webb from MI
Thanks for these beautiful glasses! My husband and I are very satisfied with our orders though there is a slight delay due to the holidays which is understandable so I'm still giving 5 STARS for this purchase. Like most buyer, I got the red one. It's a bit flashy but it's really beautful.
8 Jan, 2020
Chantal V. from Sacramento, California
Gucci is the best for making nice and quality frames so are you for offering it on your site for a discounted price. You two are the best!!!
3 Jan, 2020
Demi D. from Durango, Colorado
These frames is cool, anyone can wear it. It is the simplest frame, lightweight but durable. This one is perfect!!!!
27 Dec, 2019
Anaya Rivera from Little Neck, New York
item was well packed, received it in good condition. Fits nicely on my face. It looks durable and sturdy compare to my previous glasses. Shipped an received much earlier than advised time even without expedited shipping. Will definitely order again in the future. Thaaaaaaaaanks!
24 Dec, 2019
L Odonnell from south carolina
The product itself is good, the customer support is excellent. There was a delay on my order and support pro actively expedited the shipping to compensate for the delay. Overall, I'm satisfied with the the experience since they still offered resolution for an unforeseen delay from their supplier. I'm only giving 4 stars because I needed them for a birthday. Still, I highly recommend glassesonweb! Thank you!
24 Dec, 2019
Rommel M. from Malvern, Ohio
Ordered color havana blue and I'm so happy how it looks like in person and how it fits me well. I super like the color combination. Thank you glasses on web and to your excellent customer support team.
23 Dec, 2019
Alessia Levy from Brewer, Maine
We received the order today, it was handled properly as it came in good condition, no damage or defect we can see. We decided to try ordering glasses online since it's way cheaper. This is our first order and definitely won't be the last. Actually my husband just ordered nike sunglasses while I'm writing this review. Lol
19 Dec, 2019
Aairah Rawlings from De Leon Springs, Florida
I just received my order and I can't help but stare on the glasses! order came in perfect condition. The red on this frame is really really really beautiful!!!! Fits perfectly on my face too. Thanks for this superb order!
18 Dec, 2019
E. Reeves from Mira Loma
I love it. No regrets in choosing this design and color because I'm obsess with color grey and I'm happy with this frame.
18 Dec, 2019
Astrid Carroll from Oregon
I was surprised that the product was really an authentic Gucci glasses. I found this on a local store but it's much cheaper on this website and thought I'd try. Customer service said all their products are authentic and it appears that they really are! It looks exactly like the one I saw on the store, or even better since it looks and feels really brand new compared to the one displayed on store. 5 STARS for this good buy!
17 Dec, 2019
Kaye from CA
I love my new glasses, it's simple yet very stylish because of the color. It's a gift for my self for this Christmas and I'm really happy about it. Prescription is precise and the coating is good so far. I hope they will last long. I'm planning on ordering another gucci for my mom.
13 Dec, 2019
Sonia Solis from Gardena, California
While waiting for my order to arrive, I was really worried because it is my first purchase online. But when I received it, I'm so satisfied. You did a great job for providing an authentic yet affordable products.
13 Dec, 2019
Randy from West Virginia
Ordered these for a birthday gift to my girlfriend. It came ahead of the birthday, thumbs up for that. And for the final verdict, it was too good and my girlfriend is so happy!
12 Dec, 2019
Kirstie from Louisiana
I ordered this as christmas present for my sister but upon receiving the order, the glasses are so beautiful that I'm planning to get my prescription installed on this now. Lol I'll just order a different one for my sister. I hope I'll get them before next week.
10 Dec, 2019
Maegan from Rhode Island
I was not sure how to order or read prescriptions. The support team helped me and provided me information to help me decide before placing the order!Thanks for the excellent customer service! The red color is really beautiful! came in perfect condition and good packaging. really fashionable and stylish glasses
9 Dec, 2019
Jennie Hatfield from Fort Myers, Florida
I was looking for big round glasses and im so glad i found this one! And now im so inlove with the glasses! the lenses were perfectly done as well. thanks for the updates and follow ups! satisfied with the overall experience
9 Dec, 2019
Lara from
Super comfy and lightweight. Prescription lenses is a top-notch work.
6 Dec, 2019
Mariella from West Point, MS
Responsive support! Everything in good condition! Complete frames with original cases! Beautiful frame! Overall, I highly recommend this glasses and this online shop!
5 Dec, 2019
chad from texas
i broke my glasses and needed replacement. i was brownsing for circle frame and found this. i ordered the black one and it's the best circle frame for me. i love the style and combination of color of this glasses. 5 star for the design and quality
4 Dec, 2019
JC from Vista, California
I ordered the two colors. Gold for my wife and black for me. I just ordered frames because we both need progressive lenses. I will be sure to refer you to others private and business.
4 Dec, 2019
L. Blevins from NY
Hello, As a new customer I would like to thank you for your exceptional customer service today. I will be sure to refer you to others. Thank you again
3 Dec, 2019
Ha Plummer from Kansas
I really love how the red color is done. Too bad I can't include a photo on this review but they are simpley amazing!!! My daughter wants the same glasses so I'll probably order another one. Hope they are available in smaller size.
2 Dec, 2019
V. Emerson from New York
I'm so inlove with this glasses!!!! I just want to thank you for the regular updates regarding my order and for sending me the tracking number through email. I'm no expert but they really feel authentic guccu glasses. I will recommend you to my family and friends
29 Nov, 2019
Margo Webb from Hartfield, Virginia
I ordered the black one and I'm very satisfied with the quality and design of the item. They feel really durable I hope it will last long. I will order another pair for reading.
27 Nov, 2019
Kerrie Gilbert from California
If you're looking for authentic glasses at affordable price and much cheaper than a local eyewear store, this is the right place. I've already ordered 4 glasses from this website and all came in perfect condition and all are authentic. I highly recommended this for glasses!
27 Nov, 2019
Monique B. from
Got the color havana blue and I really like the color combination. I'm in love with my new glasses. Thank you so much!!!
26 Nov, 2019
Vicki Bouvet from Missouri
Good price and got my order in good condition. I had to wait for a week but it was worth it. I appreciate that you sent the tracking information as there is mostly noone at home. knowing when to receive it was really helpful. I'm satisfied with overall experience
25 Nov, 2019
Annabella Hassan from Florida
The frame is really beautiful. Exactly like in the picture. Thank you for the fast shipment and smooth transaction seller. I will order again
21 Nov, 2019
K.Jordan from Michigan
eye doctor price was almost twice as yours. It's my first time wearing glasses, my friend recommended you because of your great prices! I already received my glasses yesterday but I'm working with customer service now to send them back for prescription lenses. Kudos to good customer service too
21 Nov, 2019
Greg Wilson from Denver
I ordered the color Black Multicolor. When I received my order, I like its simplicility but the color speaks for its brand. It is really classy. Althought is usually for men, my wife likes it too. I might order one for her.
20 Nov, 2019
Alfie-Lee from Oklahoma
Just got my order yesterday. I was afraid that I would have to return them for not being authentic Gucci frames. I was genuinely surprised that they are really Gucci frames. Thank you for shipping the order immediately too
15 Nov, 2019
Mehmet Dotson from California
I was hesitant at first because of some reviews but decided to take the risk and I was not wrong! The item is authentic and came with original case. I'll definitely recommend you to my friends!
14 Nov, 2019
Safaa Lowery from Louisiana
I just received the order and the item was well packed and it came with original case. This is my 3rd time ordering glasses from you and I'm always satisfied with the product and service you provide. God bless!
13 Nov, 2019
Janna from
I love the fit and style. Discount for the frame and lenses really helped for me to buy these glasses because these are much more expensive in store. Glad I found your site!
13 Nov, 2019
Mckenna from New York
To be honest I was not expecting much but the glasses are really authentic and it cost so much less then a nearby local store. THANKS!
12 Nov, 2019
Malia Devlin from Missouri
I ordered this for my husband for his birthday and absolutely love them! I'm also looking to replace my current glasses and will probably call you guys for few inquiries. I really appreciate the customer service for assisting me with my first purchase. Will surely order again
11 Nov, 2019
Taran from Mansfield, Georgia
I'm totally inlove with this red frames! I've been using them for everyday 3months now they still look good. This has always been my go to website for glasses and I was so happy they now offer Gucci.
8 Nov, 2019
Angelica Halpt from New Jersey
Wow! Great selection. It was a pleasant experience. Sales rep are knowlegable in frames and prescription lenses.
7 Nov, 2019
Yohan from Ohio
Gucci is really expensive but I bought it on your site for a lesser price. Brought them to local store to compare and they are just the same. I'm a happy customer.
6 Nov, 2019
Aria C. from SC
I like the gold temple. That really adds fashion on the frame and it matches my dress. I need them to wear on a wedding and luckily it arrived on time.
6 Nov, 2019
thomas h from florida
I appreciate your kind, professional work! Absolutely outstound packaging and delivery quality
5 Nov, 2019
Tracey from CO
I have Gucci eyeglasses so I ordered one for my husband because of the quality and so that we will have same brand of glasses.
4 Nov, 2019
Melissa U from New York, New York
I had to return the glasses, they don't fit properly unfortunately. They are beautiful though.
4 Nov, 2019
AJ from California
Gucci it really the best brand for me. Quality and design is the best.
1 Nov, 2019
Dalia K from Long Island, NY
Super cute and super fashionable glasses
31 Oct, 2019
30 Oct, 2019
R'os from San Juan PR
Gafas muy lindas. son grandes, pero muy muy adorables. Vasos fueron enviados a Puerto Rico sin ningĂșn problema.
30 Oct, 2019
tranjira78 from CA
Great , Great , Great
28 Oct, 2019
Lindsey Price from Pitsburgh PA
Glasses are 100% high quality authentic Gucci, I will definitely be buying of this site again.
28 Oct, 2019
Lori D from Lincoln
Genuine Gucci glasses and they're a great price. Customer service was great too, very helpful
27 Oct, 2019
Lana D from Burlington VT
I got these frames in red, and it really pops great. I love how it looks, will buy again if anything happens to this.
27 Oct, 2019
sean from Boise ID
Customer service was great and supportive. Really helped make the process simpler. The frames are really nice too.
26 Oct, 2019
Jaden W from New York
These are great. No fuss, no worries. One of the best pairs of glasses I've ever owned.
25 Oct, 2019
Brian from Phoenix, AZ
Glasses are exactly the quality you'd expect from a brand like Gucci. Worth every penny. They look good with everything too, I just put them on and forget that I'm even wearing them.
24 Oct, 2019
Katie from Chicago Illinois
Bought these for my husband for our anniversary, he absolutely loved them. He wears them everywhere! I love how they look on him too. Good price, spectacular quality, customer service was good.
23 Oct, 2019
Victoria Z. from Quincy, Massachusetts
I love everything about my new glasses . Purchased a white color which is so light and elegant. Getting complements everywhere I go.
22 Oct, 2019
Mrs Martin from Chautauqua, NY
Loving my new Gucci glasses.I appreciate the customer service team. They have been extremely helpful during my selection process. I was not sure which glasses to order but knew for sure i wanted round ones. Sophia send me a list of models that fitted my request which was extremely helpful in narrowing it down. Thank you again for the great customer support you provide.
5 May, 2016
Yohonnas L. from Germantown , USA
I love my Gucci eyeglasses mines came with certification,gucci eyeglasse case and cloth I brought my glasses when they where on sale I get a lot of compliments on them the service and delivery was great I will be buying my second pair soon I recommend to all
26 Dec, 2015
David Semone from indiana, USA
These glasses are beautiful, comfortable and very precise lenses. I would highly recommend these. I have gotten several compliment and I will purchase from Glasses on the web again!
22 Oct, 2015
I had purchased these with my annual glass Rx and they were NOT cheap! I loved these frames and then one day, I accidentally stepped on them. I found them online since my lenses were brand new, but the color was discontinued. I was called and selected the Tortoise color, but wasn't thrilled about the choice. I cancelled those and went with the Pink frame. Again, another discontinued color. After another call from someone, I explained what I had done, how I really wanted to Green, back to Tortoise. I have NO idea what the last person that I spoke with did, but she is a miracle worker! I received these last week, opened the package and what did I find (to MY ultimate surprise?!?). My Green frames, I almost started to cry, I was so happy. Your staff made that possible by putting in the extra effort to track these down. THANK YOU!
15 May, 2015
thomas h. from upland, USA
Great glasses I love them super fast too
23 Mar, 2015
Anna Fleming from Westlake, USA
I was skeptical to buy these frames considering they'll cost you around $300-350 at an eye doctor's office, and are listed in the $250 range on other sites. However, it was a great buy. Frames were perfect and definitely authentic. Great purchase; couldn't be happier!
19 Feb, 2015
Niki Patel from Jamaica , USA
The delivery was extremely fast...the description matched the website...the operators answered all my questions with professionalism and courtesy....i would recommend this to everyone...great company
10 Oct, 2014
Indira Mahadeo from Brooklyn, USA
I tried these glasses on at my glass shop where I get my eyes examine. I loved the way it looked on my face because I have a small face. But the frames were almost $500 not including the examine and prescription. I took the serial number down on these Gucci frames, and found it way below the price at my glass shop. I love them
24 Jul, 2014
Martin f. from Tucson , USA
1 Jul, 2014
Marlo Gilmore from Philadelphia, USA
I brought the Gucci Glasses for my husbands Birthday gift, i was so surprised when they came. The case and the bag was great! I have told all my friends and family about this website and the prices are just Awesome! i will return to this site to order other glasses in the future! Thank you!
29 Jun, 2014
Bhupinder B. from Point Roberts, USA
I had purchased these particular frames and I am more than satisfied with the product, the service, and the price. The process itself was made very simple thanks to their staff who communicate with you in a timely manner. Couldn't be happier.
17 Jun, 2014
Daniel Ochoa from Lynnwood, USA
The glasses were geniune and came really fast!
30 Apr, 2014
Aswad Cornelius from HACKENSACK, USA
A local store was trying to sell me these frames at full price. I went online and found them for way cheaper at your site.
24 Apr, 2014
Cynthia Aquino from Rowland Heights, USA
They came in as described. I am super happy with them. Lightweight, classy and in true Gucci style. Delivery was quick.
19 Apr, 2014
Shawn Gumbs from Cambria Heights, USA
I love my glasses. They are my first pair. However it took a long time to have it prepared prior to shipping.
14 Apr, 2014
Ben O. from Houston, USA
Love the aesthetic design, but wish they had spring hinges. The hinges are very stiff, which is better than loose I suppose. Overall, love the glasses however.
12 Apr, 2014
Aliah Cunningham from NEW ROCHELLE, USA
The same frames were being sold for $450 at my local glasses store. Buying them online was a no-brainer. They arrived sooner than expected. I am very satisfied.
25 Mar, 2014
Eric Ishman from RICHMOND HILL, USA
I am well pleased with new glasses. Excellent price and prompt delivery.
3 Mar, 2014
Angela Young from hillsborough, USA
good looking as shown in the picture.
28 Feb, 2014
Zachary Guggenheim from Beverly Hills, USA
Love these glasses!
8 Feb, 2014
Maria Aguilar from Houston, USA
I love my new glasses! They are exactly how I was expecting them for much less $$.. I can now look cute and see better at the same time ;)
1 Feb, 2014
Pinky92 from plainfield, USA
I was skeptical purchasing prescription eyeglasses over the internet; but a friend convenience me to go for it. I'm glad I did. I scanned over my email and made sure I had my PD measurements and the glasses came out perfectly. These frames are classic - they will never go out of style. The are men's frames, but I purchase because I wanted an oversized frame. Nice and lightweight as well.
11 May, 2013
Amber Holmes from Victorville, USA
I have this frame in every color and I love the fit. My first frame I paid nearly $300.00 for so this price is great!
7 May, 2013
Rebecca H. from Lexington, USA
I purchased these's glasses for myself and my daughter luved them so much she took them for herself. Great brand and quality
19 Apr, 2013
Sean Linzy from Pensacola, USA
Great Eyeglasses with style
15 Feb, 2013
Anthony Padgett from Brooklyn, USA
good price at the end of the year purchase and model as other were still trying way to close to the original price.
6 Feb, 2013
TBaker from Dallas Tx
I ordered these glasses in black for myself. I love everything about them! Great quality!
1 Feb, 2013
Sangeeta Ullal from Las Vegas, USA
Amazing service, fast delivery, great prices. Will definitely buy from your company over and over again.
21 Dec, 2012
Georgiana f. from lodi, USA
Saw these at my doctor's office but with a sticker price of $400 I said no way. Found them here. Beyond ecstatic when they arrived. Perfect came with all the paperwork and couldn't be happier.
16 Nov, 2012
Nakiya Bartee from laurelton, USA
these glasses are exactly what i wanted. great value and fast arrival!
5 Nov, 2012
Laquita Hamilton from Garland, USA
Great! Same pair in the store.. Alot cheaper here. Thanks
4 Nov, 2012
Renee N. from Las vegas, USA
perfect communication. fast shipping! LOve my Gucci eyeglasses.
2 Nov, 2012
VZ from
just received my frames! very happy with the product!
17 Sep, 2012
David Martinez from Cedar Park, USA
Normally I would choose stainless steel over plastic but, the gucci 2210 were so thin, it made me change from steeel to plastic.
26 Aug, 2012
Aimee Chiu from staten island, USA
Frames are very stylish. I received many compliments on the first day. I selected these frames because of the nose piece, my nose bridge isn't prominent enough, so the nose piece holds the glasses in place for the perfect fit. Definitely a great price from what I get in stores even with 30% off.
20 Aug, 2012
Lisa W. from Virginia Beach, USA
I am completely satisfied.
19 Jul, 2012
Azita B. from Atascadero, USA
Very satisfied. Thank you
18 Jul, 2012
Gautam Jhalani from Norwood, USA
I got these for my dad, and he loved them. The service was great and their customer service was very helpful with any questions I had. The product was shipped out very fast and was delivered in perfect condition. I would definitely buy from them again.
8 Jun, 2012
Mary Ellen C. from Shrewsbury, USA
I have only had incredibly great experiences with your online store. This time I purchased frames with the prescription lenses and I am extremely pleased with the service and my purchase! Thank you!!!
31 May, 2012
Gerald Thomas from Salinas, USA
The glasses were just like the ones at the eye doctor's office for half the price. Outstanding.
13 May, 2012
Douglas V. from Danville, USA
Kept up to date on delivery, shipped when expected and advised, got what I ordered at a great price. Thank you!
2 May, 2012
Cynthia Capone from Kensington, USA
Overall a good experience.
16 Mar, 2012
ella s. from Hensley, USA
The glasses are great . I wish you all had progressive lens. I vs not wait to start wearing them great. I ordered a second pair from your company.
3 Mar, 2012
nhicka from
nice ,simple but classy!im wearing it everyday.
2 Mar, 2012
Sadith Vasquez from Elizabeth, USA
Order was on back order and I knew right away of the delay; was offered other options. Checked on my status via email and received a response in a timely manner, will shop again :)
17 Feb, 2012
Kristin Wilkie from Milestone, Canada
These glasses are excellent quality and style! They are definetly statement glasses. People are constantly commenting on my glasses because they are different. If you want to be noticed get these, if you want to blend in these aren't the glasses for you. These glasses were double the price in the store, so I saved a bundle. Shipping was good considering it was international shipping. The package wasn't damaged but even if it would've been the glasses where bundled well inside the box so I would've suspected no damage would have come to the glasses. Overall I had a great experience with the company and would order from this website again!
17 Feb, 2012
Jequita Agbi from Wellington, USA
Great pair of glasses at an affordable price. I will buy again!
8 Feb, 2012
Cathy Ludwig from Hopatcong, USA
LOVE them!!!! Extremely happy with price, service, etc. Will purchase from you again.
30 Jan, 2012
Great customer service, great price, great shipping and promptness of product.... will order again!!!! Very satisfied
28 Jan, 2012
Arthur Chiu from rowland heights, USA
Great product, a little flimsy, and hurts my ear after long hours of wear.
24 Dec, 2011
MC from Bronx, USA
I charged these with a credit card and then remembered that I still had a balance on my health benefits card. Called customer service and they were polite and extremely knowledgeable and helpful with changing the card that would be charged. I had seen these glasses in Cohen's and they wouldn't even price match when I showed the website to them. The glasses came right away despite being during the holiday rush and they are perfect including the Gucci case and cleaning cloth. Will definitely check out my next pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses here first. I have already referred my friends to them. Thanks
21 Nov, 2011
Liz from
I didn't develop my nearsightedness until recently, so I never thought it was possible for me to look good in glasses until I saw these. I first came upon this style in black. Even then, I already loved them in that color. I couldn't buy them immediately though because they were too pricey back where I live (not in the US). I was really happy and excited when I found out that this came in red and at half-price!
4 Nov, 2011
Tina Hornsby from Lawrenceville, USA
Total satisfaction!
23 Sep, 2011
Noinot Bakare from Landover MD, USA
I love my Glasses. I had the same pair and someone stole them. I decided to search online for the same pair for possible cheaper than the Original $250, I paid! (It was love at first sight so I didn't hesitate to buy it for the price at the time!) To think that I still paid less with prescription at ALL BRANDS GLASSES, makes me a little upset that I didn't do my research in the first place! I love my glasses, they are comfortable, trendy and teh miracle the allows me to see whats on the black board in class! I would definently shop at ALL BRANDS AGAIN! OMG, did I mention I got my glasses like the next day or 2days after I placed my order when I was not expecting them for another week and a half!!!!!!!!!!!!
24 Aug, 2011
Monica Furniss from Fort Mill, USA
I love my new glasses! They were half the price than at my eye doctor's!
24 Aug, 2011
Elizabeth Bastarache from Hopkinton, USA
I love my new glasses. They arrived within 5 days, were packaged securely and ready to wear! I would use the website again.
23 Jul, 2011
Phuong Truong from LOS ANGELES, USA
Thank you so much for my beautiful frame, so worth the wait!!! Thanks again!
11 May, 2011
Frank M from syracuse, USA
I returned the glasses as they were not what I expected. I was looking for a thicker frame more like a retro 50's, Buddy Holly type.
12 Mar, 2011
Ricky from Miami
I paid 330.00 dollars in Optic Store. This web page had the same glasses for half price........that it fantastic. Now, is too late for me. But anyway I so happy with me new Gucci 1936 glasses..........i love it.
28 Feb, 2011
Julie R. from Downey, USA
Love my new glasses!!! I only have one piece of advice, even though you will save a bunch of money over your doctors office I saved about 38%! If you can't take your new glasses somewhere that will adjust them for you, you might be wasting money. My new glasses needed adjusting, the temples were a little too snug and the temple stems were way too long...sticking out the back of my head like little horns!! After saving a bunch of money on your glasses, make sure you have a reliable economic place to take them for adjustment! Overall this was a great experience, I am very please, they came quickly and are exactly what I wanted! I'll be back!
23 Dec, 2010
20 Dec, 2010
Darla from Walnut Creek, CA
Love these glasses. I always buy gucci for my glasses but the white ones are my absolute favorite!!!! I got so many compliments and my 16 yr old daughter wants a pair now. I definatly set a new trend in Walnut Creek!
14 Nov, 2010
Rhonda B from Overland Park, USA
Excellent service and product.
28 Oct, 2010
Kim P. from Newmanstown, USA
Exactly as anticipated, quality frames, GREAT PRICE, and outstanding service!!!
13 Oct, 2010
Robin Ev from Las Vegas, USA
Thanks, for my eyeglasses I really Love them! I recommend to everyone!
9 Oct, 2010
Todd W. from Charlotte, USA
After receiving such good service I didn't hesitate to order a second pair of glasses the day that I received these beautiful glasses. I have received so manyh compliments,, especiall from my girlfriend who loves them.
6 Oct, 2010
Genevieve Pflug from Mesa, USA
These glasses are exactly as the ones I tried on in the store, only more affordable! They do not lack in durability, nor do they differ in looks, style or design. I am very happy with my purchase, and they even came in an authentic Gucci case with box.
23 Sep, 2010
BH2000 from
Amazing glasses. Everywhere I go I get compliments
30 Aug, 2010
Nancy Barboni from Upland, USA
Great service! Reputable! I would buy from you again. Thanks!
14 Jul, 2010
Karren W. from Brossard, Canada
I bought this frame for my husband and he loved it. It is exactly what we've seen in store and they have good deals here. I would recommend it to anyone.
27 May, 2010
Harley Williams from Pine City, USA
They were at a great price in a look even better. I Could not. Be more happy with you alldesigner glasses .com: ) !!!...
23 Apr, 2010
Kehinde Hall from Washington, USA
i like them alot better than my other glasses.
6 Apr, 2010
Garrett Anzures from Castaic, USA
A little pricey but I don't regret it
2 Apr, 2010
Minerva Rodriguez from BROOKLYN, USA
100% Service Item as described very pleased; fast delivery! Thank You!
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