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18 Aug, 2020
Yohan H. from Bayport, New York
Yeah my order was delivered immediately. I was expecting some delay because of some reviews but I got my order in just a week. I really appreciate it!
14 Aug, 2020
Wesly McBride from Fairfax, Virginia
thank you for sending my order immediately and sending me brand new pair. I was afraid it may be used because of the price. Happy customer!!!
12 Aug, 2020
Edgar G. from Waltham, Massachusetts
I broke my frames and I ordered on the website and got them after a week. I was expecting delays but I got the order immediately. Cheers!
5 Aug, 2020
Samuel W. from Cincinnati, Ohio
I'm very happy with my frames and I also want to order clip ons. Please advise where can I order them
4 Aug, 2020
Chad from Chicago , Illinois
flexon are the best. Simple, light.
3 Aug, 2020
M.Price from Omaha, Nebraska
Too bad the Flexon 618 is no longer available. I found this similar looking and ordered it instead. Thanks for your service
31 Jul, 2020
P. Newell from Highland, Colorado
I have ordered total of 4 frames now from this website and they never failed me. Just a reminder, make sure to inquire availability first before placing an order.
28 Jul, 2020
W. Clark from Traverse City, Michigan
I have the same frame but it's worn out. I ordered replacement and lenses fits in perfectly. keep safe
27 Jul, 2020
E. Patel from Illinois
This order is a big regret! I should have ordered it with a CLIP ON! lol I'm very happy with the item I received that I even want the clip on now. I should just have ordered them together to save some for the shipping. Anyway, you have a free shipping option but it will take a little longer.
23 Jul, 2020
Bryant D. from VINELAND, New Jersey
Worth the wait! The glasses is very good. I had this before and it was stolen from my car. This is a very good glasses. Lightweight. You will forget you are wearing it
22 Jul, 2020
Justin E. from Dallas
In my opinion, flexon is one of the best glasses ever made. They are designed to last long and simple design with good price.
20 Jul, 2020
Rolly M. from Hancock, Florida
Your prices are AWESOME!!!! Delivery was fast and came in perfect condition. Thanks for running your business even with this situation
17 Jul, 2020
Bill Wilson from KEY WEST, Florida
I read some reviews and most of them are about the delay with deliver so I was surprised I got my order earlier than the expected shipping time. Really appreciate it
16 Jul, 2020
Rob Patterson from Rockford, Illinois
I had the same pair for years not and it's just worn out and I needed replacement. It's exactly the same as my old pair
15 Jul, 2020
Omar from Perry Township, Indiana
I'm really into gunmetal colors and this color is exactly what I want. Thanks for the fast shipment and delivery
10 Jul, 2020
Lance Paul from Ft Worth, Texas
I was not expecting much because of some online reviews but this is better than I expected. I understand delay during these times. Thank you for sending authentic item. Will look forward to my next purchase
8 Jul, 2020
Mark M. from Columbia City, Indiana
Flexon frames are very flexible and simple. They last long and personally, I highly recommend them
6 Jul, 2020
Max H. from Bradenton, Florida
I knew these were flexible but you could actually twist them. Watch flexon videos on Youtube. The name really suites them well
22 Jun, 2020
J. Hayes from Queensborough, Louisiana
I highly recommend this website for glasses. There are some things that needs to be updated on their website. I suggest calling or sending an email first before placing an order to check the availability of an item. But all in all, still very good prices and products are authentic
15 Jun, 2020
Robert G. from Rosenberg, Texas
I love my new glasses but I was wondering if you happen to have a clip on for this model so I can use it outside or for driving in the sun. I also sent an email this sunday. Thank you for the good service!
8 Jun, 2020
James W. from Erie, Pennsylvania
Your prices are so great and support team are very accommodating with my concerns. Got it earlier than expected even with this pandemic. I'm giving you 10 stars!
7 Jun, 2020
Roy from Glasgow Ky.
Easy to deal with and the frames were wonderful and fast delivery. Five star rating from me.Thank you.
1 Jun, 2020
R. Henry from VA
I think flexons are so under appreciated. These are long lasting eyewears and they are affordable. Worth every penny.
25 May, 2020
Jack Roman from williamsburg, New York
I heard a lot of good stuff about flexon eyewears how they will last long and good build. I thought I tried getting one and your prices are really tempting. Best decision I made during this covid crisis! The flexon exceeded my expectations. It's classic style but it really feels it will last while
22 May, 2020
Christian Miller from Peoria, Illinois
This is still the best glasses I ever had. For everyday use, this will definitely serve the purpose. It's very durable so it will surely last a while. Great product and great prices! CHEERS!
11 May, 2020
Jose De Los Reyes from Slate Hill, New York
I've been ordering glasses from a different website but they don't seem to be operating these days. Fortunately, a friend recommended your website and you offer amazing prices!!! I'm a happy camper now! :)
4 May, 2020
Greg Q. from Illinois
Very comfortable, it looks thin but it is very sturdy and it is the most light weight of all eye wear I already tried.
27 Apr, 2020
Brandon Clark from Louisville, Kentucky
It's a shame you don't offer blue light filter. I'm in fornt of the computer the whole day and need some blue light filter or something to protect my eyes. Though the frame is very good and classy. Very satisfied! Looking forward to future transactions!
20 Apr, 2020
Matt Carrejo from Raymore, Missouri
The frame is very good. Flexons are the best! I don't have strong prescription so half rims work for me. This is a very good frame!
14 Apr, 2020
Julie Hinrichs from Michigan
I have been using this frame model for years now. Good to know it's still in the market and better, I can order online. With the current situation with Covid19, thank you for still processing orders.
13 Apr, 2020
Sammy Slater from Elkader, Iowa
These are the best frames! They are really durable and will surely last a long while! They are lightweight and you can move freely with them on.
6 Apr, 2020
Kalvin Stevens from Troy, Michigan
The frame it self is really good and it feels like it will last long. I had to wait for the order and I needed my glasses but I'm still satisfied with this order. I will order again if needed, now I understand I will to wait so I may order in advance.
11 Mar, 2020
Michael B. from Oregon
Ordered 2 frames for the website. No problem encountered. Great servuce and products. No defect or whatsoever. Got them within advised time
9 Mar, 2020
Ysabelle from Ohio
Ordered this as gift for my dad. It was delivered on time. My dad loves flexon for their durability and simple style
3 Mar, 2020
Wesley Austin from CA
Been your customer for 3 orders now. Shipped in a timely manner. Order is always in good condition. I've been recommending this website to my family anf friends. Thanks a lot
27 Feb, 2020
Ronaldo from Arkansas
I have several frames but this one is for everyday use. It's light and very comfortable as it fits on my face perfectly.
21 Feb, 2020
D. Willis from NY
If you're looking for a durable and frame that will last long, then go for thw flexons. Metal frame, lightweight. Flexons frames are the best for me.
19 Feb, 2020
Kenzo Patel from Ravenel, South Carolina
Frame is simple, small and lightweight but still durable and looks like it will last long. Fits perfectly on me, will get lenses from my Doctor. Great product and great price!
17 Feb, 2020
S. Parker from Virginia
I entered my prescription incorrectly. I received an email from support to verify my prescription and send a copy. It turns out i entered positive numbers instead of negative. Thanks for the great service! Frame is as advertised!
10 Feb, 2020
Nick from Washington
I'm a great fan of flexon frames. It's great that you can order them online and for a much lesser price. Order received sooner than advised time and it perfect condition. 5 star experience
29 Jan, 2020
Nathan Hill from Texas
I'm pretty old and can't really check glasses on store. My daughter helped me look online for glasses and we ended up ordering here. The process was smooth and there was no problem. I just had to wait but I'd say it's worth it.
27 Jan, 2020
Simon Ferell from New Jersey
We've been ordering our glasses from this website for 5 years now. Unfortunately, the theodore apoears to have been discontinued already but still good products and wide variety of options. Thanks for the great frames and lenses and great prices!
24 Jan, 2020
Neri Thompson from Ohio
Frame is sturdy and lightweight. Support assisted me every time I have an inquiry
22 Jan, 2020
Tyron Greyson from Mississippi
Got this last year and they still in perfect condition. I'm planning to get another pair as a spare and thought i should write a review.
20 Jan, 2020
Patrick Rivera from Coloradom
I'm a simple man, I see flexon glasses, i click buy! Simple and classic style just the way i like it.
17 Jan, 2020
Paquito Diaz from Mississippi
I have been using these glasses for more than a year now. The frame is still in good condition and the lenses are still good as new. I'm interested on getting another pair of glasses as my prescription have changed on my recent eye check up. I look forward to anther great glasses
16 Jan, 2020
M. Mccaffrey from New Mexico
I initially only ordered just the glasses, I called support to add the clip on and remove the transitions on the lenses. And they did all the work for me. Got my order with the clip on! Great customer service!
14 Jan, 2020
C. Mcdonnell from Guyton (GA)
I've been wearing flexon glasses since and I'm so glad I can order flexon online for much lesser price than what they offer on a nearby store. I love flexon glasses for their durability and their lightweight specially the simple but classic style. Authentic flexon glasses, I highly recommend
14 Jan, 2020
Frank Castle from Dumont
Authentic flexon frame. Delivery is on time and you can not question the safety as the frame is properly packed. The customer agents are responsive and polite.
9 Jan, 2020
bruce gordon from New york
Fast shipment and delivery though the glasses I received was not the correct model. I contacted support and they immediately took action after I sent pictures what I got. Took a few more days but i'm in no hurry since i still have a spare glasses. Just got my order today and my lenses fits
8 Jan, 2020
Willie R. from Wylie, Texas
Ordered the color gunmetal over the phone. Thank you to your agent for helping me place the order. Ordered just the frame because I still have the lenses to be transferred.
3 Jan, 2020
Kevin R. from Roswell, Georgia
Since I am a book lover and my eyes need prescriptions, these frames are good with those especially for reading due to being lightweight. Your eyes will never get tire and will not get heavy even hours of usage. Thanks for this authentic glasses! The lenses are a plus since it is made perfectly!!!!
24 Dec, 2019
B. Warren from Florida
I ordered Dec 16, order got shipped out after 2 days and I got them by Decmber 20. So glad I received my glasses before christmas. My lenses fits perfectly on the frames too. Kudos to support team too for sending me updates and answering all my questions. Will surely order again in the future
24 Dec, 2019
Michael Young from Kokomo, Indiana
I can't believe how nice these frames in person. No regrets in placing an order online for the first time. Thank you!
23 Dec, 2019
Arham Fields from Arizona
The dark silver looks really cool and classy.The frame feels durable and lightweight. Ordered it with lenses for 50% off and with transitions for my driving. Lenses are really good and the best part is I got them before Christmas! Thank you for Merry Christmas!
19 Dec, 2019
J. Richards from Florida
If you are looking for a classy, lightweight frames, then this is the perfect frame for you. It fits perfectly on my face and head. I have my progressive lenses installed on them. Order came in earlier than advised and properly packed. came with flexon case too. I recommend this frame.
18 Dec, 2019
Ramon from Virginia Beach
I like it a lot. The design is classic. The delivery is fast since I received it on time.
18 Dec, 2019
Bill Davis from NY
this is exactly what I was looking for. It's simple yet does the job. It's light weight which is perfect for me since I hate wearing glasses but I don't mind wearing this one. Fast shipment and delivery too.
17 Dec, 2019
Maurice Costa from PA
been looking for this on local stores to no avail. this is my first time trying to order online and I'm satisfied with the overall experience. my lenses fits perfectly on the new frame. now i have new glasses for Christmas. thanks for the good service
13 Dec, 2019
SJ from Elkridge, Maryland
I like the frame as well its case and cleaning cloth. Thank you!
13 Dec, 2019
Ryan from Kentucky
I am amazed with these glasses, to think that it is a metal frame, these are very lightweight. Great deal!
12 Dec, 2019
Brandy from Massachusetts
I was not expecting much for an online purchase but this went beyond my expectations. order was shipped earlier than advised. got them in perfect condition. fits my lenses. the price is much cheaper than on other websites I checked. now i have a new glasses for less than a hundred bucks!
10 Dec, 2019
Honey Morrison from Delaware(
I just received them today and the prodcut is well packed and in very good condition. Came in earlier than the advised time. My husband loves his new glasses. He just broke his glasses and we just needed to transfer the lenses to this one and they fit perfectly. Thanks to support as well for helping me getting the correct frame model, color and size to order.
9 Dec, 2019
k. hoogan from Wolfe City Texas
5 stars for overall experience! The glasses are really good, the prices are affordable, the support is excellent and the shipment was fassst! thanks again!
9 Dec, 2019
Sabina from Canterberry Crossing
Looks nice even for women because it is unisex. Size is ok but price is best.
6 Dec, 2019
Antoni from Colorado
simple, elegant, classic flexon glasses which is exactly what I was looking for. the frame looks and feels durable and it's lightweight. I just placed another order for flexon glasses as a gift this coming christmas for my brother. thanks glasses on web for the good prices
5 Dec, 2019
Y Garrett from Kahoka, Missouri
I really love the style of autoflex 53. I already have the coffee color. I wanted to have the dark silver too and fortunately I found glasses on web. $162 is almost half the price of that they offer in a nearby store! the dark silver is very classy and elegant. I highly recommend this color for anyone interested on this frame
4 Dec, 2019
Jeffrey from Santa Monica, CA
The Flexon glasses came this morning. They are just what I wanted. Thank You
4 Dec, 2019
M. Oconnell from virginia
The glasses were perfect but I had to return this glasses because it's too small for my face. I called customer service and they discussed all my options and after receiving this exceptional customer service, I'll get another glasses for this website after making sure what size will fit on me. thak you
3 Dec, 2019
I. Bowler from Rockland, Maine
Items are in good condition. it took about 2 weeks but when i received them, they exceeded my expectation. Flexon and nike glasses for a really much cheaper price than in stores. Hopefully they will last. thanks again
2 Dec, 2019
Denis Pratt from Iowa
I've been waiting for this and I just got them. I really like the transitions on the lenses. The quality of the lenses looks really good. I may buy another frame different style.
29 Nov, 2019
S. Mcclain from Vermont
This is an original flexon glasses for a much cheaper price! Not sure how long is the promo but I recommend getting it while it is still discounted! I was not sure too when placing the order but they are really 100% authentic!
27 Nov, 2019
Val from Park Ridge
5 stars for price, quality and design but overall I will just give 4 stars because I did not know about processing time but thank you for offering free shipping.
27 Nov, 2019
Nataniel Hassan from Massachusetts
It's gift for my dad this thanksgiving. He loves them!!! He is excited to get prescription lenses so he can use them this thanks giving day. Thank you Glassesonweb!
26 Nov, 2019
W. Whitworth from Florida, 32110
I received the product in good condition, it looks and feels authentic. really cheap price. Customer service, smooth transaction. Order shipped fast. Overall, good customer experience.
25 Nov, 2019
M. Cross from Connecticut
They are half the price of what is offered by my eye doctor. I was somehow expecting to receive a fake item but no. It is genuine flexon frame. It feels premium, exactly like what my eye doctor has. And it's half the price! Good thing my daughter suggested I check online first
22 Nov, 2019
L. Robbins from Hyattsville, Maryland
website offers wide variety of frames. I'm specifically looking for oval frames and I had a hard time choosing because all the frames you offer! It's a good thing! I decided to go with this one and I just got them today. And oh boy.. exactly what's in the picture. Thank you for the smooth transaction and good service!
21 Nov, 2019
T. George from Oklahoma USA
I was not sure what to order and I think I modified my order for almost 5 times. But the customer service were very patient with me and even gave me some recommendations. I received my first order but was too small for me and I had to do an exchange. The customer support helped and the exchange process went smoothly though I had to wait which is understandable.
21 Nov, 2019
Kevin Fair from Maryland
I will recommend your site because of the professional service, nice quality frames and lenses for an affordable price.
20 Nov, 2019
Teresa from Louisiana
It's my first time getting prescription glasses so I had a lot of questions. The guy from customer service was patient with me and walk me though all the steps on placing my order. He answered and explained everything as well! Best customer service experience for an online purchase. Thank you Glasses on web!
15 Nov, 2019
Louie Marin from Illinois
Exactly like my old glasses. I've been looking for this on several website and this is best price I saw. And this is much cheaper than a near store. Can I get prescription lenses too?
14 Nov, 2019
Kasper from North Carolina
I really love this frame. I had this frame for years and glad that I found them online. I just had to wait for about a week to get them. Thank you for the affordable price and the fast service!
13 Nov, 2019
A. Harris from Wheaton, Illinois
I like how classy and comfortable to wear these glasses. Perfect reading glasses for me. Thanks for the 50% discount for lenses. Really saved a lot than buying in local store.
13 Nov, 2019
Rico Olsen from Missouri
Customer service is very accommodating and Transaction was fast and accurate. Will order again for my father.
12 Nov, 2019
Barry Stott from Virginia
I'm a big fan of flexon glasses. This website offers wide variety if not all of available flexons. It's my first time purchasing glasses online and it's worth the risk. Received the product on time and in perfect condition.
11 Nov, 2019
Aniela from Cambridge, Ohio
Got my order in perfect condition. Got the tracking number on the 3rd day and I was worried at first but product is really AUTHENTIC!!! Will surely order again from you guys. :)
8 Nov, 2019
Sid from
I like the design specially of the temples. Superb!!!
7 Nov, 2019
Fred from Lakes Alaska
Arrived earlier that expected. Had no problem with adjusting. Fits well. I'm pleased with your service therefore I ordered sunglasses and waiting for them to arrive.
6 Nov, 2019
Deborah from kansas
Customer rep is very accommodating. She assisted me in the ordering process. Received my frame in perfect condition.
6 Nov, 2019
tyon from ny
thank you so much for your efforts to order these frames from Flexon and send them to me. arrived on time.
5 Nov, 2019
Elizabeth from Washington, D.C.
Price is really affordable. Already bought frame with lenses on your site because if will buy in local store that cost may just be for the frame only. As per the quality, it really shows legit. Design is chic and classy.
4 Nov, 2019
Jon A. from
It cost 30% cheaper compare to local store adn other online shops.
1 Nov, 2019
Steven Mcalester from Idaho
If you are looking for the frame that will last you for years this is it. I lost my glasses and when faced with the choices I decided to stick to what I had for years. This frame is comfortable. The adjustable nose pieces keeps the glasses from sliding down my nose. They are well made and very durable. I wear them all the time rain or shine and the color does not fade or is discolored. I'm very satisfied. It helps a lot that I don't have to change the frame.
31 Oct, 2019
caleb from
31 Oct, 2019
charles jacobe jr from woburn ma
If you are looking for classic design eyeglasses, this is just right for you. The round edges, curves and overall design is great looking once you wear them. The frames are also lightweight yet very sturdy. Ordered them a few weeks ago, got the item with original branded case in a reasonable price, fast and secured shipping. I will recommend this frames 100% for those who are looking for a weightless and comfortable eyewear, swear it's a steal deal.
30 Oct, 2019
Alexandre Moreau from Montreal Quebec
Je suis tres impressionne et satisfait de mon pourchase. Lunettes tres pratiques. Les envois e Montreal etaient beaucoup plus rapides que prevu. Un client heureux. Merci
30 Oct, 2019
Robert Rowens from Hobbs New Mexico
I received my glasses and I'm impressed with them. However, I noticed that one of the lens developed a crack in it. Honestly, I dont know what happened to them. I know I didn't drop them or abuse them. The only explanation I can come up with is possibly rapid temperature variations causing a crack (I keep them in the case and in my truck. ) What was impressive is how customer service took care of the issue. After all the required pictures submitted the lenses have been replaced. Not all companies will go above and beyond for their customers. For that I'm greatly thankful.
28 Oct, 2019
Nathan..S from Fort Wayne IN
Comfortable, light, and very high quality. Great glasses all round
27 Oct, 2019
Mossah I from KS
customer service was a dream great help and very nice people. would buy again.
26 Oct, 2019
Charles II from Toronto, ON
These were shipped in a timely fashion, customer service was supportive through the whole process and streamlined the entire experience.
26 Oct, 2019
James Brouwn from Anchorage, AK
Super sturdy and very strong. Fit great over my glasses, I take these with me everywhere I go. Fishing, work, out with the wife, they're with me.
22 Oct, 2019
Allan Sr from Vermont, USa
They are not round, but oval. I had to return them and exchange for a pair that is round.
6 May, 2019
Peter from Arizona
My order arrived in a timely manner and was just what I expected with regard to style and quality. Had to make a special request to change temples to a longer ones . After customer service representative verified that this can be done the order was placed with a representative. She was very helpful and knowledgeable, assisted me in every step of the ordering process. Thank you very much for great service.
9 Mar, 2018
Donna S from Illinois
I wear a very strong prescription, and have a petite frame so always have difficulty finding glasses that fit well and are lightweight enough to be comfortable with a high index bifocal lense. These fit all my requirements. Once you've worn a Flexon frame you find all others very uncomfortable. These are lightweight and have enough give to fall asleep in. My only issue was mine snapped in the middle, I'm quessing from opening and closing every several times a day. I was able to get a replacement and have had no issues with the new pair.
22 Sep, 2017
Maria P. from Pennsylvania
I ordered the glasses which were of the wrong size. After contacting customer support I was offered to exchange the glasses. The representative went above and beyond to find me the similar style but in correct size. Thank you so much for your assistance.
18 Feb, 2017
Andrew from California
I bought these frames 2 1/2 years ago, they are the most comfortable and lightweight frames I have ever had. I have the shiny brown .Worth the $$ !!!
20 May, 2016
Henry George from Lewisburg, USA
Great glasses at a great price! Thanks
9 May, 2016
Gary B. from Tallahassee, USA
Purchased frames to replace one that had broken. Everything worked out fine, and the price was about half what I had paid for the frames that had broken.
30 Dec, 2015
Lucy V. from Palm Harbor, USA
Great price and quality. Fast shipping.
20 Oct, 2015
Barry H. from Crosby, USA
Great price and easy to buy. I broke my old pair and this was the quickest way to fix my glasses. Just what I needed. Thanks!
30 Sep, 2015
Ernesto S. from San Juan, Puerto Rico
Excelent Service
30 Sep, 2015
Ernesto S. from San Juan, Puerto Rico
Excelent Service
30 Sep, 2015
Ernesto S. from San Juan, Puerto Rico
Excelent Service
3 May, 2015
Justin T. from Centennial, USA
These glasses are nice and light and look great. There is a problem with them being so light however. Because they are light and so flexible they have a hard time staying in place over the nose. They tend to slide down the nose with movement. But, if you deal with that they look great.
24 Apr, 2015
John D. from Springhill, USA
Very happy with there products and great price
27 Jan, 2015
Peter S H. from Berkeley, USA
Easy to navigate your website to get what I wanted. Price was reasonable and delivery as promised. Frames arrived in good condition. Thanks for your good service and product and user friendliness.
20 Jan, 2015
Julia Johnson from Torrance, USA
The Flexon 600 frames for my husband have withstood 3 years of small boy's grasping, crunching, jumping on, holding and throwing off dad's face. Too bad the lenses are so scratched he needs new glasses. These are excellent frames!
8 Aug, 2014
Charles Chernosky from Dallas, USA
Fantastic.....Love them!
18 Jul, 2014
Kevin T. from Missoula, USA
A good price and I received the frame in about 1 week.
6 Jul, 2014
Janet Glascock from Hannibal, USA
product arrived in excellent shape. He has been wearing this frame for the last 4 years and loves it. He will have a new prescription for lenses put in them after having a new eye exam .
27 May, 2014
Charles C. from Dallas, USA
Excellent price and quality...great service! So glad I found you! Thanks and delivering a great product!
5 May, 2014
Mark Fillingim from Longmont, USA
Terrific buying experience. Frames arrived quickly, well-packaged, and with the bonus of a Marchon case. I would highly recommend you for any frame purchase.
2 May, 2014
Lucy V. from FL, USA
I accidentally broke my previous frames that I loved. Couldn't find replacement locally. Was thrilled to find them with your company. Was even more thrilled with the price. Thank you.
23 Apr, 2014
Cecil C. from Pflugerville, USA
I ordered a set of frames from you and couldn't be more pleased. The frames were exactly as described and arrived within the time period indicated, five to 9 days. This was by far the best price I could find, $126.00, versus the $240.00 they wanted at TSO. I highly recommend purchasing from this company.
19 Apr, 2014
David from Oceanside, USA
No problems with this transaction. Frames were the correct model and size as ordered.
15 Apr, 2014
James Keller from Westlake, USA
No surprises. Product is what I expected. Lenses are great. Service was as promised. Price was fair and customer service better than expected.
5 Apr, 2014
Maurice Jordan from Commerce Township, USA
Product is exactly as described and matches the 646's I already have. They also accept my old lenses perfectly.
24 Mar, 2014
William S. from Mesa, USA
The order was processed efficiently and the frames arrived on time and in perfect condition.
29 Nov, 2013
Tammy B. from Shoreview, USA
Best price around!
16 Nov, 2013
C Joseph R. from Nashua, USA
Replacing a damaged pair of frames. Knew exactly what I wanted. Eye doctor's price was $180.
14 Oct, 2013
Stephen H. from Lansdale, USA
Excellent service, price and product.
14 Oct, 2013
Stephen H. from Lansdale, USA
Excellent service, price and product.
9 Oct, 2013
George H. from Lewisburg, USA
Great product great price well packaged. Thanks
3 Oct, 2013
items shipped promptly and as described - responsive shipper and good communicator - Thanks!
20 Jul, 2013
Karl R. from MARKTOBERDORF, Germany
a realy good deal! Quality and price is ok. friendly service.
5 May, 2013
Allie B Stevens Jr from Mechanicsville, VA 23111
I am fully satisfied with merchandise as well as service.
7 Mar, 2013
Jules B. from Victoria, Canada
Item shipped quickly and arrived in good condition. These were over one hundred dollars cheaper than the optical store. Good deal for a good product. Thanks
1 Mar, 2013
Richard Edel from BURIEN, USA
Thank you for your service and price.
23 Feb, 2013
Eric R. from Hanover, USA
This is a great frame that Flexon doesn't make anymore. Thanks to glasses on the Web for carrying them. Almost unbreakable and timeless style.
22 Feb, 2013
James H. from Lewes, USA
The frames I bought would have been a special order at my local optometrist's. They quoted a price of over $300, but had no samples or even pictures of the available colors. Special orders were not returnable. I bought them from your site for $150, and I could have returned them if they were unsatisfactory.
5 May, 2012
Steve S. from NH, USA
It REALLY pays to shop frames - and these guys were the best. My repeat frames were half the price of my local optician store's, and shipping was pretty fast. Thanks! Great job, well done!
28 Apr, 2012
Robert A. from Atlanta, USA
Replaced my frames for less than 1/2 what they cost from my Optometrist, and had them within a week.
3 Apr, 2012
John Mercer from Alexandria, USA
Order was for Flexon frams without lenses. Good price, fast shipping, exactly as ordered, with original packaging and case. Great!
27 Mar, 2012
Paul K. from Troy, USA
Very happy , quick and accurate ordering
1 Mar, 2012
Mark W. from St Charles, USA
Very pleased, smooth transaction.
28 Feb, 2012
James Reardon from North Hollywood, USA
Nice quality lioghtweight frames. My order was filled and shipped, as requested. Thank you
27 Feb, 2012
Denis R. from Beaconsfield, Canada
Exactly what I was looking for at a great price!
24 Feb, 2012
Mark from St. Charles, MI
Very pleased with my purchase!!!
13 Feb, 2012
Nicholas Indri from Highland Park, US
They are so light and flexible that I hardly notice I'm wearing them.
27 Jan, 2012
John Duignan from Berkeley, USA
Frame only available in one temple size.
15 Dec, 2011
Robert L. from Rancho Cucamonga, USA
I have nothing but good things to say about the whole experience. The only little thing is the time from placing the order until ship date seemed a little long for me. Otherwise very satisfied with the transaction. Thanks
30 Nov, 2011
Edward J. from Florence, USA
I bought these as a replacement for the original frames. The bridge on the original broke after less than a year of normal wear. Hopefully, it was a one off and won't happen again.
11 Nov, 2011
richard d. from annapolis, USA
Best price I could find. No shipping fee a plus. Delivery was prompt.
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