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9 Jul, 2020
Lorrie from Far Southwest, Texas
Ordered the right size. Thank you
8 Jul, 2020
D. Fagioli from Bayville, New York
I feel so lucky. Got this eyeglasses for more than 50% discount on the frame and 50% discount on the lenses. It was free shipping as well.
7 Jul, 2020
L. Fendon from Chicago, Illinois
My order took long to ship out but it was delivered just the right time for my appointment. Will give you 5 stars!
2 Jul, 2020
1 Jul, 2020
C. Puntel from Dayton, Ohio
Wonderful thank you very much GOW and D and G!!!
29 Jun, 2020
F. Ruiz from Tampa, Florida
Prescription lenses were 50% off. Saved a lot. Right prescription and frame is nice.
26 Jun, 2020
N. Hazen from Honolulu, Hawaii
Although made of plastic it is still durable.
24 Jun, 2020
Diane from Bonaire, Georgia
I really like it but I ordered the larger size should be the smaller one. I might not return it and just order the smaller one. Will give this to my mom cause she likes it too.
23 Jun, 2020
C. Rindi from Schenectady
Been wanting to get one of this. You have very kind and helpful agents. They checked availability first to make sure I will receive it on time.
19 Jun, 2020
G. Potter from Sarasota, Florida
Super classy and chic eyeglasses. Thank you so much. I like it very much.
18 Jun, 2020
Analyn from Annapolis, MD
I've been searching for a frame that is not like my usual frame. This is the best. It fits well, looks good and great deal.
17 Jun, 2020
Freund from Highlands Ranch
I’m very happy about this purchase thank you so much !!
15 Jun, 2020
A. Aviles from North Lawndale
I really like the frame I ordered but did not fit on me. I should return it for a bigger size.
12 Jun, 2020
M. Garrett from Los Angeles
So happy finally got my glasses. They are perfect.
11 Jun, 2020
9 Jun, 2020
Mary P. from Natchitoches
Materials used are great. Indeed, authentic!!!
8 Jun, 2020
B. Mavila from Simi Valley
Been wanting to have one. Finally purchase it a week ago and received it yesterday. So satisfied with the item and your service.
5 Jun, 2020
B. Lehman from Scotch Plains
I love it and I would definitely order again. Very great!!!
4 Jun, 2020
A. Tarpoff from Maryvale Village
Striking color. Good fit. Fantastic purchase.
3 Jun, 2020
P. Camacho from Orland Park
Great job for doing the correct lenses for the frame I really like.
2 Jun, 2020
Chrystal Barge from Las Vegas, Nevada
Thank you for sending my eyeglasses. They are perfect.
29 May, 2020
Sasha from Montpelier, Ohio
Super like the item but will give you 4 stars for now because it took long to ship.
28 May, 2020
K. Clyde from Brooklyn, NY
I do not know where to buy a new pair of glasses due to current situation. Thanks to you GOW. Received my glasses. So nice and affordable.
27 May, 2020
Barbara Rodriguez from New York
Color black and gold is the best color combination for me. So nice.
25 May, 2020
Jane Harris from Crawfordville
Amazing D&G frame but that is how all your frames are.
21 May, 2020
S. Campbell from Rockledge, Florida
My first ever cat eye frame from D&G and I love it so much.
20 May, 2020
F. Rowell from Sunnyside, WA
High quality plastic frame. Feels like I'm wearing nothing.
18 May, 2020
Donny Escano from Carmel, Indiana
Thank you because of this frame I now know what frame's shape if perfect for me and it is called pillow.
15 May, 2020
L. Garrett from Indiana
I switched from this style, I am used in wearing simple eyeglasses but I think I should change it that is why I bought these plus the lenses for my prescription and it is perfect for me. No regrets at all!
14 May, 2020
A. Terrell from
Not too fast delivery because of processing time but your prices are affordable. Way cheaper than local store
12 May, 2020
Ana Hunt from Clive, Iowa
My order arrived on Saturday the day before mother's day. Sorry I did not leave a review right away as I want to see my mom's reaction first. She was happy. Thank you so much
8 May, 2020
Lane Cavender from Knoxville, TN
I would like to commend your service specially your customer care! Two thumbs up
7 May, 2020
N. Hadaway from Spring Park, Florida
Looks amazing with transitions lenses. Best glasses for me
5 May, 2020
S. Damcott from Cicero, NY
Thank you for offering nice quality frames for an affordable price. Hoping you will have a physical store
1 May, 2020
P. Larsen from Suisun City
I had this butterfly frame before but it was left in the hotel during our vacation. So lucky to have a chance to own a new pair which is way cheaper that the frame I lost.
30 Apr, 2020
S. Kirk from Hialeah, FL
Website's information is very helpful. The frame's description helped me find what frame will be perfect on my face, oval shaped frame fits square shaped faces.
28 Apr, 2020
Fiona M. from North Port, FL
I appreciated your customer service for getting back to me so fast and being amazing amidst of the current situation. Stay safe everyone at GlassesOnWeb!
24 Apr, 2020
Brian Hill from Milwaukie, OR
Will give you 5 stars. I'm happy with my new eyeglasses.
24 Apr, 2020
Angela Portillo from Middleburg Heights
Super love this frame. You made me so happy that finally I own one of these. Got the color pink gold
22 Apr, 2020
C. Simmons from Coppel, TX
My friend told me I have a beautiful eyeglasses. I'm aware of that because I was really impressed when I received my order but my friend's compliment pushed me to leave a good review on your site because you really deserve it.
20 Apr, 2020
J. Sorrels from Aliquippa, PA
You have better price compare to the nearby eyewear store. Real deal!
17 Apr, 2020
L. Alexander from Montgomery, Alabama
Simple style but looks very premium and I liked the way of ordering these pair of eyeglasses on your website, ease and fun! Thanks a lot.
16 Apr, 2020
Casey Myers from Temecula, CA
I do not know what to say because I am completely blown away.
15 Apr, 2020
R. Victoria from Redfield, AR
No wonder this frame is the top on your list for Dolce & Gabbana because it has a beautiful color and shape. Authentic and affordable.
13 Apr, 2020
M. Lincoln from Marblehead, MA
First time to order eyeglasses from you but second time to do business with you as my first purchase from you was a sunglasses. That sunglasses has high quality. I'm hoping to receive this eyeglasses with same quality.
10 Apr, 2020
Laura D. from Austin, Texas
This is my first time to buy online but customer support assures me on this one and once I got them I am really satisfied and amazed. Thank you so much!
9 Apr, 2020
April E. from Allentown, PA
OMG! Love it. Thank you for this beautiful frame.
7 Apr, 2020
Richard G. from Seaford, NY
This item is nice but I will need to return because it is small for me. Need the size 55 instead of 53
3 Apr, 2020
E. Twigg from Joliet, Illinois
Could not ask for more because you have a great service, quality items and good pricing.
2 Apr, 2020
Phil Zook from East Peoria
I like lightweight frames. I chose this one because it is made of plastic but the design is nice and looks good on me when I tried it in the store.
1 Apr, 2020
Sandy D. from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
This frame fits my personality. Just kidding. It looks fierce due to the design and edges but these are really good and beautiful!
30 Mar, 2020
K. Westlake from Boca Raton
Bought an eyeglasses for my husband. A gift for our 7th wedding anniversary. It was delivered on time. Thanks a lot glasses on web!!!
30 Mar, 2020
Roan from Atherton, CA
Loving these frame. Its shape is not ordinary but still looks good on me.Thank you for the free shipping. You have an excellent service
27 Mar, 2020
R. Peters from Ventura, California
I had a great deal with you guys and it saved me a lot of money. Thank you!
25 Mar, 2020
Cathy from Little River, KS
Ever since I'm attracted to glittery items. Luckily found this frame and it has the color transparent grey glitter. THANK YOU GLASSES ON WEB!!!
24 Mar, 2020
Carol Gong from Glen Rock, NY
I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. You are doing great in providing affordable eyeglasses which are high quality
20 Mar, 2020
Allen H. from Jackson, Alabama
Will order again soon because I love my first purchase from you
19 Mar, 2020
Deborah from Hickory, North Carolina
I bought this new eyeglasses and I never thought that I would love it. Your website is nice and your customer support is really cool. They helped me out on this order. Thanks a lot.
11 Mar, 2020
6 Mar, 2020
R. Gutierrez from Okemos, MI
Everything is perfect. Exactly what you see is what you get
6 Mar, 2020
Princess from Quincy
The quality of this frame is very good that proves it is an authentic one. Got this for a lower price and it is all worth it!
4 Mar, 2020
Peach M. from Morrisville,
Loving the color transparent pink. Not only the color itself but the patterndesign of the color.
4 Mar, 2020
dina from kentucky
good quality and appearance
28 Feb, 2020
Ciara K. from
I like the style and the material of the frame but the size is quite small for my sister. Instead of returning it, will just order another one for a bigger size and this smaller size will be mine
28 Feb, 2020
Agnes from Sebastian, Texas
affordable price for a frame like this. i like the style and color
24 Feb, 2020
Emily R. from Montgomery
I was unsure ordering online. Did not know what site offers best. Asked my friend, she said you offer affordable frames and 50% off lenses. Gave it a try and I'm satisfied with my order that was delivered yesterday.
20 Feb, 2020
Clarisse from Watervliet
I got this frame on sale. Super nice. It is authentic. It is well packed to secure the frame. Will buy again soon.
20 Feb, 2020
Nicole from
So convenient placing order online than buying in store. Considering you offer free shipping.
18 Feb, 2020
Rian from Chesapeake Beach
I have no doubt about the quality. They are fantastic! Thank you so very much for everything.
18 Feb, 2020
J. Ladell from Cary, North Carolina
I loved the distance glasses. I can amazingly see from far.
14 Feb, 2020
Keisha R. from Reston, Virginia
Found this frame really cool and nice for a very much discounted price. I will suggest you to others to know that you guys are the best!!!
12 Feb, 2020
Barbara from Fullerton
Plastic frame with plastic prescription lenses. Super lightweight!!! Comfortable to use.
10 Feb, 2020
Wilma D. from Whittier
I really like the frame and your service. But unfortunately, I have to return them for exchange because of wrong size
7 Feb, 2020
Jody from Bronx
Elegant frame plus perfectly made lenses
5 Feb, 2020
Amy H. from California
I love my glasses. I spoke with one of your rep in assisting me placing my order. Very happy with customer service. Perfect 10
5 Feb, 2020
Danica V. from Danville
What I like the most for this frame is its temple's designcolor. It is a classic style yet looks elegant.
3 Feb, 2020
Stacey O. from Charlotte , North Carolina
Frames' shape is perfect for my face. Love it!!!
30 Jan, 2020
S. Jackson from Swanton, Ohio
Packaging is nice. The glasses is really safe from damages because of the box and case. Quality of frame and lenses is excellent.
28 Jan, 2020
Paula Lim from Durham, North Carolina
My colleague recommended you. She is right. You have wide selection of frames, you order prescription lenses, price is good and shipping is free.
28 Jan, 2020
Hazel F. from Paducah, Kentucky
Thanks glassesonweb! Got my order. Will order again.
24 Jan, 2020
Jackie Samson from Las vegas
I have this frame bought from you. My sister like to have one too. She asked me to place an order for her. Can not wait to receive it and give it to her. I'm so happy with my first purchase from you. Hoping will be the same for my second purchase.
23 Jan, 2020
Christina G. from Oak Forest, Illinois
I have a color crystal of this frame but got broke. Bought that in local eye store. Ordered color black to try something new, it has a lower price compared to the one I bought in store. I transferred my lenses and it fit well.
22 Jan, 2020
Wilma Lee from Reading, Massachusetts
I'm so excited to receive my order and it arrived yesterday. Fits well, lightweight and comfortable to wear compared to my current glasses. Prescription lenses is perfect. Hoping will use this for a long time. Will order a sunglasses next month for my vacation trip.
21 Jan, 2020
Megan Paez from Fire Mountain, California
Transparent pink looks really nice in person. It will be perfect for my younger sister. I'm excited to give it to her. Thanks to my friend for recommending your site to me. You're the best!!!
20 Jan, 2020
Ciara C. from Monterey Park
My order just arrived this morning. Ordered 3 different colors for me and my sisters and they like it. Order's complete. Thank you. I will order again!!!
17 Jan, 2020
Anastacia M. from Woidbridge, Virginia
I was not sure ordering online because I'm used in buying in stores. But my daughter advised me to try because it is cheaper compared to prices of stores near us. Searched different websites and found yours. It is easy to use and you have good price. From now on, I'll be buying my frames from you. Thank you very much.
16 Jan, 2020
Ronda M from Rochester, Minnesota
You guys are accommodating. Happy with my order. Well package, it has a case and a cloth. Would recommend this site.
15 Jan, 2020
Giselle Sanders from
Ordered the color Crystal. Before I placed the order, I called to ask more about the frame and if it is in stock. You agent who helped me is so patient and knowledgeable. No regrets that I ordered from you. You are the best!!!
23 Oct, 2019
Claire from Destin , Fl
Good quality for reasonable price.
21 Oct, 2019
Bamby from Carmel IN
I was skeptical about the color , but I love it. Overall experience is excellent.
16 Nov, 2015
Sarah Greene from Charlotte, USA
I can't tell you how happy I am with this purchase. The price online was about a third of what I would have paid at the eye doctor, and shipping was even faster than expected. Highly*** recommended!
25 Sep, 2015
deborah y. from MCDONOUGH, USA
The product was very good everything was a easy process it was just what I saw online will order again.
25 Sep, 2015
deborah y. from MCDONOUGH, USA
The product was very good everything was a easy process it was just what I saw online will order again.
21 Sep, 2015
Marisol Ponce (Hernandez) from BRONX, USA
Would definitely purchase from site again!
29 Apr, 2015
Jennifer Jacobs from Austin, USA
I got these in the bordeaux and absolutely love them. The fit and style is perfect. I have gotten tons of compliments on them.
25 Apr, 2015
Catherine H. from West Point, USA
Glasses exceeded my expectation.
4 Sep, 2014
Rebecca F. from Joondalup Western Australia, Australia
I went into this purchase with the possibility that I would receive a cheap copy of the Dolce and Gabbana frames I was purchasing. When my frames arrived, quickly I might add, I was delighted to find that they were exactly the same as those I had seen at my local optometrist except mine were $200 cheaper! I would definitely recommend this site and certainly buy from here again. Very happy customer!
1 May, 2014
Denise P. from West Nyack, USA
I Love my glasses, I loved the ease of ordering, I loved the constant communication. My best experience on-line. I will shop here from now on. Very Pleased.
29 Apr, 2014
Rachel Hassall from Henderson, USA
Exactly what I ordered. Received earlier than expected. Will definitely order from here again.
27 Apr, 2014
Brenda Gates from Cranston, USA
I am very happy...price...arrival
25 Apr, 2014
Brenda Gates from Cranston, USA
24 Apr, 2014
doreen M. from West Australia, Australia
I was very happy with the way my glasses were shipped and the price. I will buy from you again.Thank you
26 Feb, 2014
Timothy Reeves from knoxville, USA
Cool looking specs specially in the red everyone at work loves them
19 Feb, 2014
Helena Para from justice, USA
I love my glasses !
8 Feb, 2014
Justin Stewart from Woodstock, USA
I will shop here for now on for my glasses.Awesome job.
1 Feb, 2014
Deborah G. from Walnut Creek, USA
The order process was straight-forward. I received my prescription glasses very quickly and at a very good price. I will definitely use your site in the future and was very satisfied with their overall service.
4 Jan, 2014
margaret t. from jackson, USA
Thank you for seeing this order through. Very happy. Will purchase again.
7 Dec, 2013
Phillip C. from Akron , USA
This pair is really fun and look great. My wife thought I did a good job picking this one out of all the kinds and styles there are. Just got them back with the lenses in them today. Good service as well
26 Apr, 2013
Judith S. from Westfield, USA
A big thank you to your site for having such a great selection and reasonable prices. I can't wear jewelry due to a medical condition, so all the frames I'm ordering will have plain lenses and become my "face jewelry". So happy I found this store so I can afford to buy many different styles.
2 Feb, 2013
Georgiana f. from lodi, USA
Absolutely fantastic value for a pair of glasses that the doctors were selling for twice the price. What you see is what you get here....perfection and original quality.
24 Apr, 2012
Jere M. from Clovis, USA
Glasses are exactly as described, having lens' put in now. Responses to questions were quick and courteous and shipping was good. Overall a great experience. Thank you
3 Mar, 2012
Rosali Perez from Vineland, USA
I love love my new frames I purchased!
28 Sep, 2011
Ariah J. from Bulimba QLD, Australia
Absolutely love the design, a bit pricey and still have to get the lenses in that i need but i wanted them so badly and they didnt sell them in Australia so Thankyou!!
7 May, 2011
Danny S. from St. Leonard, Canada
The product and customer service really surpassed my expectation. I would definitely purchase other frames from your company. Regards, Danny S.
4 Oct, 2010
Karen L from Weehawken, USA
When I ordered this item, I also ordered another pair of glasses of the same design, different color, to compare which ones I liked better. It took way too long to receive the first pair of glasses and then it took almost another 2 months to receive the other pair. I would up just using the first pair, because I could not wait for the second pair to arrive. Your staff, however, was more than helpful and apologetic. I would and already have continue to use your company, mostly because of your staff.
28 May, 2010
Elaine Lone from Victoria, Canada
I am satisfied with the whole experience of purchasing these glasses from your site with the exception of the wait time. From the time of purchase from your e-site to having them in my hands was approximately 3 weeks, which I feel is too long. Otherwise, everything else was great.
15 Apr, 2010
Marina D. from Fitchburg, USA
I like the whole idea of the 60's style, but the frame is a bit heavy for my face, yet I'll wear them
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