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24 Aug, 2020
Judy Badilla from Suwanee, Georgia
This brand and store never fails in providing branded frame in a reasonable price. My third purchase in this store.
21 Aug, 2020
John C. from Burns, Wyoming
Been an avid customer of glasses on web since 2014. For the fifth time, got this frame in perfect condition.
19 Aug, 2020
M. Wasden from Oakfield, NY
Processing time took longer than the advised 5-8 business days. Luckily I can wait as this will be an extra pair. Also got the first pair from you.
18 Aug, 2020
A. Lester from Costa Mesa, California
Quality and price is so good that will surely make me order more from you and recommend to everyone I know.
14 Aug, 2020
Leonard from Kennewick, Washington
Great discount. Simple process to order. Superb customer service!
13 Aug, 2020
Mark Baron from Orlando, Florida
Delay in processing the order but I will still give you 4 stars because the frame came in perfect condition.
12 Aug, 2020
N. Moshier from Maryland
The anti-reflective or glare works well on this one.
11 Aug, 2020
Arya Hernandez from \Maryvale Village
I did receive and love my new glasses, thank you! It is so beautiful!
7 Aug, 2020
Bernadette from Pembroke Pines
Good condition eyeglasses in a case with a cleaning cloth and certificate of the crizal.
6 Aug, 2020
Cindy Gupta from Hurst, Texas
Got my new Prada readers eyeglasses. I was so happy I availed the 50% discount for my readers lenses.
5 Aug, 2020
P. Craig from Allen, Texas
It was convenient to place an order with you. Reasonable price for an authentic item and free shipping.
3 Aug, 2020
S. Gillett from Charleston
Simple frame the way I like it. Very durable.
31 Jul, 2020
C. Bloodsaw from Ajo Townsite
I recently got my glasses for free shipping.
29 Jul, 2020
H. Ochoa from Surprise, Arizona
Efficient customer service and nice quality branded frames.
28 Jul, 2020
N. Sodeika from Washington DC,
Prescription lenses crizal comes with certificate. Thank you very much! Super loved my new eyeglasses from glasses on web.
27 Jul, 2020
R. Flor from Antioch TN
First time to order. You website has a nice interface. Will order for sure once I tried and tested that glasses for a month or two.
23 Jul, 2020
D. Palo from Woodbury, NY
Awesome brand, design, website and prices.
22 Jul, 2020
Charlotte from
Appreciate the service and product I received from this site. Hoping they will have a physical store to try on frames.
21 Jul, 2020
P. Holley from Elsa, Texas
Very fast shipping but processing time is quite long. Customer service I have experienced was excellent. Quality product as well.
17 Jul, 2020
R. Lahbati from West Los Angeles
If there is 10 stars I would love to rate you that because your products are really good and service is as well. Highly recommended!
16 Jul, 2020
M. Pacheco from West Haven
Original with free shipping. This is my first order from you and will definitely come back for more.
10 Jul, 2020
J. Hale from Lynnwood, Washington
Super like the design of this frame. No question about the durability of Prada products.
9 Jul, 2020
M. DeLeon from DeWitt, Virginia
I've worn this frame for a week already and it is very light and comfortable.
8 Jul, 2020
Michelle Young from Caruthersville, Missouri
It was not in stock when I placed the order but there is no problem waiting for an authentic Prada frame for a discounted price.
6 Jul, 2020
Donna C. from Mill Creek
Was very happy when my order came because it was well packed.
3 Jul, 2020
Olive Elizalde from Liberal, Kansas
For me this is not a usual design, it is unique and beautiful.
1 Jul, 2020
E. Ray from Wallingford
I went to an eye doctor and the same glasses would have cost me $580 and I got it way cheaper with you.
30 Jun, 2020
G. Milam from Crest Hill
On time delivery because need this weekend for my appointment with my eye doctor.
26 Jun, 2020
Wesley from Williamsport
Thank you very much!
25 Jun, 2020
Scott Chen from Lincoln, California
Well packed. Thank you for making sure that my eyeglasses is secured.
24 Jun, 2020
B. Vallette from North Ridgeville
I appreciate the quick responses and amazing customer service I have received. Continued the good work!!!
22 Jun, 2020
J. Franklin from Coopersburg
I like this frame. Fits well specially on the bridge part.
19 Jun, 2020
Lydia Surman from Marquesa, Nevada
This frame is so appealing. Super love it. Will order again for sure!!!
18 Jun, 2020
C. Mason from Milpitas, California
The frame's shape is perfect on my face's shape. Happy found a Prada frame that is perfect for me.
16 Jun, 2020
N. Bidnick from Livonia, Michigan
Purchased reading glasses. Excellent!!!
15 Jun, 2020
P. Boyd from Boca Raton
I find this frame very comfortable to wear even the first time I tried it.
11 Jun, 2020
Karen Holland from Scappoose
Prada never fails! Bought it as a present for my partner and he loves it.
10 Jun, 2020
S. Barnor from
I had great experience doing business with you glasses on web. Thank you very much!!!
9 Jun, 2020
Mirella from La Mirada
The fit, design, and quality so good.
5 Jun, 2020
Bea Shek from Chicago
I so love Prada particularly this frame because of the quality and design.
4 Jun, 2020
Nick Costa from Cumming
Perfect color. Looks classic. I want another one.
2 Jun, 2020
Shine from Harrison, Ohio
Very happy with my purchase. It is very nice. Very comfortable to wear because it is nice fit.
1 Jun, 2020
M. Elwell from Oklahoma City
You have great customer service. They know their job. They are knowledgeable about the products, for the frame and lenses.
28 May, 2020
Ricky from Sylmar, CA
Been looking for this design of frame for men. Found it on your site for a brand that is reliable.
27 May, 2020
Olivia from Richlands
My favorite Prada frame. So stylish, high quality and discounted price.
26 May, 2020
Kim Hitt from Plain City
Thank you GOW. Thank you Prada for such an amazing color and design of a frame. Super like!!!
22 May, 2020
Guidry from Pinole, CA
Discounted price frame for an authentic and brand new frame.
21 May, 2020
Frankie Guy from Napa, CA
I will give review on the lens part as we all know the quality of Prada. Your prescription lenses are also of good quality. It has AR coating and transitions. It is discounted.
20 May, 2020
Mae Mello from Cataldo, Idaho
Wow. Did not expect I can have my first Prada frame for a good price. You are awesome guys!!!
19 May, 2020
A. Bosley from Cohoes, NY
I received my eyeglasses in excellent quality and well packaged. Thank you...
15 May, 2020
J. Atkins from Nevada
Nothing to say. Just a five star for you guys. You deserved it!
14 May, 2020
N. Nelson from Northwest Philadelphia
Got my glasses yesterday. Classic and casual look.
13 May, 2020
Glenda from
GOW thank you so much. So happy with my first Prada eyeglasses
12 May, 2020
Lovie M. from Tampa
Full-rimmed frame perfect for my prescription lenses.
11 May, 2020
Abbie Hunt from Dallas, TX
I have an eyeglasses purchase from you 3 years ago and until now it is still in good condition. Today I placed a new order for this Prada frame with plano lenses. Can't wait to receive it.
7 May, 2020
Renee Geer from Bastrop, TX
Thank you! Got this frame for my mom for mother's day! She will surely like it.
7 May, 2020
Lenora Groll from San Jose, CA
This is unbelievable. Got my original Prada frame from you for a lesser price!
6 May, 2020
Sonny M. from Temecula, CA
I am comfortable wearing my new eyeglasses and I feel it looks good on me. All thanks to you GOW!!!
5 May, 2020
J. Harper from Atascadero, CA
Excellent service, frame color, style and price for a Prada frame plus discounter lenses.
4 May, 2020
Mike S. from Massachusetts
I'm so satisfied with these frames. Really light weight, I can wear it in office for long time and the style is amazing.
1 May, 2020
J. Burke from Littleton, CO
So in love with the color spotted pink. It looks chic
29 Apr, 2020
Tim. J from Lovettsville, VA
Even thought it is plastic, it is still made with high quality.
29 Apr, 2020
Trisha M. from Rome, GA
What made me chose this frame is because of its shape - cat eye.
27 Apr, 2020
23 Apr, 2020
Ella Pressley from Golden Triangle, NJ
Glamorous, high quality and comfortable to wear eyeglasses. Thank you Prada and GlassesOnWeb. :D
23 Apr, 2020
Anabelle F. from Watsonville, CA
I will definitely be ordering again! You have helpful staff and you offer wide variety of brands of frames.
21 Apr, 2020
Kyla U. from Patriot, OH
I was happy with your service with you but sadly the frame did not fit on me. I will need the bigger size
20 Apr, 2020
Belissa Light from Gurnee, IL
Finally found a frame that is so nice without nose pads. I badly need frame without nose pads because of my nose bridge. This fits perfectly.
17 Apr, 2020
D. Biggs from Hanover, Maryland
A lot of color ways to choose, it is hard for me. I chose the one which is Tp Azure and it is really amazing when I received it. No disappointment at all!
16 Apr, 2020
James Tucker from Chicago, IL
Wow what great service! You have the best price and quality.
15 Apr, 2020
Sophia C. from New York
The looks and style is really premium! I am loving it now. Thank you so much!
14 Apr, 2020
Roxanne G. from Manor, TX
Thank you for offering 50% discount on lenses. That help me to purchase the frame I want because I had saved a lot on the lens part.
13 Apr, 2020
Lynn Alvares from Panorama City
I'm addicted to color havana. I have 3 pairs of glasses with the same color but different brands. This Prada glasses is my new favorite among the others.
10 Apr, 2020
Lauren A. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I like the compliment of the color to my skin tone. It is a match!
8 Apr, 2020
Tyler H. from Spring, TX
Hi. Thanks glasses on web. Received my order yesterday
7 Apr, 2020
M. Brown from Los Lunas, New Mexico
Received the well-packaged product, definitely authentic and I saved 50% for the lenses
3 Apr, 2020
Geneva Y. from Pomona, California
My frame like this was lost. Bought a new one from you because for me this is the best frame. Stylish and perfect to the shape of my face.
2 Apr, 2020
Tamika Barnes from Missouri
I have a Prada frame and my husband's frame was lost so I want him to have a Prada frame as well because the quality of this brand is the best. Thanks for offering Prada. I also ordered prescription lenses for this frame. Saw your 50% discount offer so I grabbed that.
1 Apr, 2020
Diane J. from Buffalo, New York
This glasses are odd looking on website but once you have it and wear them, it is really cute at all!
26 Mar, 2020
B. Nieves from Durango, CO
Really love this frame. The color is super nice. I know now why it is best seller on your site.
25 Mar, 2020
J. Nieves from Bixby North
Prada frame is super nice. Keep up the excellent work.
24 Mar, 2020
S. Hall from Edina, Minnesota
I like the Prada frame I ordered from you. It is exactly the same quality of the one I have bought in store. But you have it for a discounted price. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again!
20 Mar, 2020
S. Hurley from Denver
Ordered the two colors available for this frame. The other one with reading lenses and the other one with distance lenses.
12 Mar, 2020
Sheena from Juneau
5 stars for great service for a great item
11 Mar, 2020
Lea from Green River,
I got this frame to wear every Sunday only but now I wear it all the time because it is comfortable to wear and nice to look at
11 Mar, 2020
R. Trumble from Worcester
6 Mar, 2020
L. Brown from Manassas Park
You guys deserve 5 stars for sending a nice frame to me
6 Mar, 2020
Caroline from Kirkland
Love the material. Design and color is cute.
3 Mar, 2020
Jacklyn from Leominster
Comfort and fashion wrapped in one. A real head turner!
3 Mar, 2020
Andrea from Louisiana
First time buyer and best decision so far. Quality wise - 5 stars! Super nice, I really love the design, the colors. Lucky me, I got it on sale. Very very satisfied.
27 Feb, 2020
27 Feb, 2020
Veronica B. from Alpharetta, Georgia
Simply love it! I've been needing a black frame for a while now that I may use with any of my office outfits. Prada quality is the best and so you are.
25 Feb, 2020
T. Holmes from
I'm your loyal repeat customer. Appreciate the discounts, excellent service and quality products that you offer.
24 Feb, 2020
Yen from Memphis
Loving my new eyeglasses from you. Thank you for the great price for the frame and prescription lenses. But I suggest that you show availability on the website so customers may know if there will be a delay before placing an order.
19 Feb, 2020
Brittney A. from Fontana, California
I love the fact that your companywebsite is tied up with legitimate brands and distributors of authentic products. Worry free shopping.
19 Feb, 2020
K. Limbitco from Salt Lake City
The shipping time was a problem because I waited for about 10 days before it arrives because the time I placed an order, item is not in stock. It was on back order. But all in all, I love the frame . And will surely purchase another.
17 Feb, 2020
Maja F. from Lebanon, Ohio
Superb quality and design by Prada sold at glassesonweb
14 Feb, 2020
Mich Z. from Charlotte , North Carolina
Your website is easy to use. I love the fact that upon checking out, lenses are automatically discounted. But hoping that soon you will have a live inventory.
12 Feb, 2020
s heusaff from
did not know that the color orange havana will be this good. right choice for the color
12 Feb, 2020
G. Daza from Poway, California
Thank you Prada for producing a nice quality frames and thank you GlassesOnWeb for the prescription lenses, for offering products for an affordable prices.
10 Feb, 2020
Trish from Southlake, Texas
Very good customer service. Assisted me in placing my order.
6 Feb, 2020
Pauleen from
I have a prada frame ordered from you. I like it. My husband's frame was broken. Decided to order him a new pair from you. Ordered this one because I want him to have the same brand of frame I have. You guys offer nice quality branded frames for a fair price.
6 Feb, 2020
Scarlet K. from Utah
Ordered this frame model because it is the best seller Prada frame on your site. Right choice, it is nice and has a perfect fit.
4 Feb, 2020
Meryl S. from El Paso
I want to order with prescription lenses but because you do not offer bifocal, I ordered just the frame. I like the frame and will bring it to my eye doctor for the lens part. Thank you for having an option to order just the frame.
3 Feb, 2020
Nelly G. from Miramar, Florida
Found this one in store nearby but the do not have the color I want which is the color striped beige. Luckily they do not have it because you offer it for a better price. Lucky me!!!
31 Jan, 2020
T. Aldana from Napa, California
Loving the color gradient bordeaux. It really looks nice. Did not expect that. I'm used on wearing neutral colors but the gradient bordeaux is an exception.
30 Jan, 2020
R. Castillo from San Pablo
I like my new Prada frame ordered from you. I want to order again for a different style.
29 Jan, 2020
Kristy Russell from Brooklyn
Been wearing my prescription glasses ordered from you for 2 weeks already. It is authentic Prada frame. Prescription is accurate. Frame's design is cute and nice. Fits well.
27 Jan, 2020
Mika from Bloomfield, Connecticut
Paid less but with same quality of the one in store.
24 Jan, 2020
Anette from Centennial, Colorado
The parcel just got arrived. Super nice and authentic. Also appreciate your great service. Thank you very much!
23 Jan, 2020
Sierra M. from Fernandina Beach, Florida
I like color blue and the brand Prada. Saw these exact frame in store but do not have stock for the color azure. Tried looking on different sites but placed the order with you because I read some of your good reviews. Received my frame last night and I like it. I'm satisfied with your product and service.
21 Jan, 2020
Lauren Young from San Diego, California
Ordered color black for now so that it will match any of my Prada bags. I can say that I'm in love with the brand and from now on, will be ordering different Prada frames from you.
20 Jan, 2020
Mavy Compton from Evanston, Illinois
The frame is beautiful. It is 100% legit. At first I was nervous but now you can see how happy I am with my purchase!
17 Jan, 2020
Alessandra from Everman, Texas
First time to order. When I was ordering, I thought of writing a review if I'm happy with my purchase and here it is. A good review for offering nice quality frame and discounted prescription lenses. This will surely be not my first and last purchase because I will purchase more from this site!!!
15 Jan, 2020
Savannah from Fairborn, Ohio
Loving the Prada frame's prints and colors. Design is chic. I guess it really fits my personality. Will be ordering an extra pair. Thank you so much!!!
23 Oct, 2019
susan from Tulsa
Very elegant style. Despite the tortoise color they actually go well with every outfit.
22 Oct, 2019
Michael Shaffer from California
Highly satisfied with my purchase. A++
18 Oct, 2019
Diana from New York
These frames fit very well! It was good packaged and delivered before estimated delivery date. I found this frames in Macy's around $280, but I paid less than half on this website. Definitely recommended
17 Oct, 2019
Yasiv from
The best value for the glasses I could find online. Quick delivery
23 Jan, 2019
Gretchen S from Tampa , Fl
This are very stylish glasses I love them a lot. Got multiple complements on the way the look. Very happy with my purchase.
28 Sep, 2017
Sarha Joy from St. Louis, MO
This frame is fabulous - lightweight, very comfortable, beautiful and reasonably priced. Love Prada frames because of the spring hinges - very hard to break the frame. :) I love it
25 Apr, 2016
Michelle Sroda from Scottsdale, USA
Thank you so much. These are the only frames I wanted and I'm on a really tight budget. I was able to get them for a little over half the price that they were in the store I originally saw them in. I love them! I'll use you guys again for sure.
14 Mar, 2016
Lillian Jones from Michigan
I received these Prada glasses today and I'm in love!!! Perfect!!!
4 Mar, 2016
Alfredo Susi from Miami Beach, USA
Brand name (Prada) top of line glasses at half the price or better Thank You
20 Oct, 2015
Jennie Elkin from PETAH TIKVA, Israel
just as was expected, a great glasses
21 Sep, 2015
JoDee S. from Cuyahoga Falls, USA
Fell in love with these frames but couldn't part with $400 at the eye doctor. Took a minute to get them but soooooo worth the wait. Being a diva is acceptable at these prices!
25 Jul, 2015
Michelle S. from Baldwin, USA
I saw these Prada frames at a local store and I fell in love. The cat eye shape, the colors of the frame -- tortoise with a touch of purple, great quality. The price was ridiculous, so I was extremely happy to find them on glassesontheweb at a great discount - less than half of the other store's price. I received them within a day or two , and they came with all the Prada packaging. I'm taking them to my local optometrist for lenses, then I'll be all set :-)
2 Sep, 2014
David Wilder from Greenwich, USA
Received and all good. This web supplier worked efficiently and reliably.
25 Mar, 2014
Becca H from Lexington, USA
Love this website, they have the best glasses at a reasonable price. I would recommend this site to family and friends in a heartbeat.
9 Mar, 2014
Daria Dolgova from Federal Way, USA
Thank you for your work. I like my's exactly what I want. Thank you
20 Feb, 2014
Adesua Beaudoin-Borha from toronto, Canada
I love them.really good price. I have recommended the your company to all my co-workers. I am very happy
6 Dec, 2013
Lisa M S. from Pasco, USA
I'm always looking for glasses that are more bold and fun and these hit the mark. I love them so much I bought an ivory pair too!
21 Jun, 2013
Frank from Lakewood, USA
I didn't think the glasses I bought would come in it's original case. I have bought similar glasses and they came in a generic case so it was a pleasant surprise. I am very happy with this purchase and now that I think about it, I should have went ahead with the prescription service too. My RX expires next month so I thought I should wait until I got a newer RX. At any rate, I found a nice place to buy glasses. Give it a try, you'll be glad you did.
11 Jun, 2013
Danielle Azar from Scottsdale, USA
My glasses look great and the customer service was excellent. I had issues with shipping since I ordered them in the middle of my move but this company got back to every one of my e-mails promptly. Thanks again!
8 Apr, 2013
Cade Jensen from Cranberry Township, USA
This are wonderful glasses and the best price we could find. They shipped fast and we are very happy!
7 Apr, 2013
June Biederman from CHERRY HILL, USA
I love the frames. They are ver comfortable and not as heavy as my last frames which were a metal frame. I justed started to wear them this week and so far so good. The price was also very affordable compared to retail price at almost half off which is right up my alley. Thanks.
1 Mar, 2013
Mark M. from Downers Grove, USA
Product came looking exactly as described, actually looks better - fits great.
1 Mar, 2013
Mary C. from Corning , USA
Really happy w my purchase from your site. Will use this vendor in the future.
28 Feb, 2013
Tanesha Tiggs from Toledo, USA
I love my glasses they are very stylish and chic I definitely will order from your site again!
27 Feb, 2013
Elli from
Can women where these??
22 Feb, 2013
Jesse Gutierrez from Whittier , USA
Great glasses! Took a little to ship but overall was great, make sure you call or use the handy "chat talk'' to see if they have them in stock. Overall great Site great Glasses.
13 Feb, 2013
Vivian Smith from Rockville, USA
I am so happy with my purchase and the price! I paid almost double for the glasses from an eye care store and the glasses were stolen a few months afterwards. I went back to the store to purchase the glasses again and they were not there anymore. :( I was so heartbroken because I thought I had loss my glasses forever. I was so fortunate to find the glasses on your site and to find them for a much better price. THANK YOU!
6 Feb, 2013
Gabriela C. from San Marcos , USA
My glasses are Awsome, I love them. Thanks!
14 Jan, 2013
Brian M. from Yorktown, USA
Quality product delivered as promised!
10 Aug, 2012
Vasiliki S. from Saddle River, USA
Just received these eyeglasses. Optics and frame quality are excellent, as is the customer service. Plan to order again!
18 Jul, 2012
Adenike Littlejohn from Washington, USA
Very nice quality glasses. Price is good. You would definitely pay $300 at a chain store, if you could find them at all. The sides are wide so be sure thats the look you want. Your site offers the same frame with a thinner arm. Upon delivery, one glass had a perminent fingerprint and smudge like it was a superglue type substance. Didnt bother me since I was getting prescription and it would be changed. Those that are purchasing for cosmetic would be able to have them exchanged, Im sure. Great customer service!
10 Jul, 2012
Tricia S. from BRONX, USA
I was happy when I found the Prada glasses I loved, your service Was exceptional from start to finish. The price was 1/3 of what I saw them in the store for. Plus the prescription added is Just right. Overall I love my new glasses. I will definately refer you to family and friends.
17 Apr, 2012
sonia d. from Lasalle, Canada
I love them. I saved about 300$. the packaging was fabulous too.
5 Mar, 2012
Jesse from Dallas, TX
I searched for days for the best price and you had everyone else beat easily.
22 Dec, 2011
Alessandra C. from Whitby, Canada
excellent product, loved the fancy packaging and the case. thank you
21 Nov, 2011
Cassie M. from
I went into an eye place at the mall and tried on all kinds of glasses to see which I liked. Of course my favorite were the $300+ Prada's. But I got the number for them and looked them up online and found this site. I was kinda nervous about ordering online, but they came about a week and a half later and they are perfect and completely knock offs :) I even called during the waiting to see how progress was going and spoke to a really nice rep who told me exactly what step they were at and what day to expect my glasses. Totally satisfied with the product and service!
15 Nov, 2011
Gladys G T. from Rochester, USA
Love my new frames. It took a while for me to receive them because they were on back order. The wait was worth it!
7 Nov, 2011
Brenda Richardson from Colorado Springs, USA
I bought these glasses some years back, they cost me LOTS more than what I paid for these. The fit is perfect. The first ones fit to loose an they could'nt get them to fit me right, I kept them because they really look nice on me. After I lost them,I Paniced because now that Im not working I thought I could'nt aford to replace them. That's were this website comes in, EVERYTHING I experienced with them was TOP OF THE LINE from the quality and PRICE of my glasses to the quality of customer service, not to mention that I had my glasses in ten business days. I tell ya, it's Better the second time around.Thank you soo very much.
5 Oct, 2011
Veronic T. from Quebec, Canada
Just perfect! Thank you very much!
5 Jul, 2011
Danny Nguyen from Houston, USA
im very satisfied with my glasses because its perfect in anything . and Alldesignerglasses have a very fast shipping and handling. when i got back order they email me right away and make everything clear and ship my glasses in just about 3-5 days after confirmed !! Very Satisfied !!!!
14 Jun, 2011
Anita V from Medford, USA
I loved the glasses! While the product was out of stock, I was informed by customer service immediately but I chose to go ahead with the order and wait it out rather than cancel it. There was a delay of only about 4 days and I was informed when the product shipped out. Tracking was also super easy with UPS. I would buy from here again!
14 May, 2011
Teena R from Fort Saskatchewan, Canada
We very seldom order online but the frames at shop here were way out of our price range. had the frames and lenses for less them the frames alone ,so we took a chance and it paid off. We are extremely happy with the glasses they look great and they arrived very quickly. We will definitely do business again.
12 Apr, 2011
Jean N from Douglasville , USA
Glasses are great price and fast shipping. Receiving tons of compliments.
11 Apr, 2011
Rhiannon F from Burnaby, Canada
The glasses are exactly what I wanted but they sit a little low on my face and I continuously need to lift them up to see properly.
6 Apr, 2011
Darlene C from Bridgewater, USA
5 Apr, 2011
Kevin R. from Botany , NSW, Australia
I am very happy with this product and the overall service provided.I was kept informed about delivery details and my order arrived safely and promptly. The glasses frames met my expectations in terms of their design,color and quality
24 Mar, 2011
Vanessa S from Wilmington, USA
The service was quick and efficient. The frames are just what I expected but less expensive than what I found in the local stores. I plan to shop with All Designer Glasses for my sunglasses as well.
18 Mar, 2011
Victoria W from Wyoming, USA
I enjoy the product quite a bit- they just need some minor adjustments to get the "perfect fit".
10 Mar, 2011
Bev R. from Aurora,, Canada
Beautiful product and the price was fantastic
22 Feb, 2011
Zoe M. from Victoria, Canada
The glasses arrived in a very timely manner and were PERFECT!! Customer service was excellent. I will definitely be ordering from your site again in the future :)
15 Feb, 2011
Nelson Ko from Richmond, Canada
good deal n good service !
3 Feb, 2011
Natalie W from Victoria, Canada
Even though my glasses were on back order they came in really quickly. I was always kept up to date with everything and was really happy with the final product.
1 Feb, 2011
Bryan H from Vancouver, Canada
The glasses are excellent and the service was equally as good.
22 Dec, 2010
Nova from Springfield Gardens, USA
These are my cool and Funky looking glasses. I love the colors and the way they are blended. These get an A+
8 Dec, 2010
Vanessa R. from MIAMI, USA
I searched for this particular brand and style for months, until I found "glasses on web". The price was the lower I could find. I received the product timely, and it's just what I expected. I even received Prada's Certificate of Authenticity!
11 Nov, 2010
Michael Lombardi from Garfield, USA
I experienced a quality of service that is almost non-existent everywhere else!! is the real deal people!!! This is my first on-line eyeglass purchase and the last place I will buy glasses from ever again!!!!!!!!! Thank You again!!!!!!!!!
8 Oct, 2010
Randi S from Kelowna, Canada
The product is great, just what I was looking for and at a better price than in stores nearby. The case and card of authenticity was great. Overall, I would recommend and use this site again.
4 Oct, 2010
Kosta from Weehawken, USA
I'm glad I found! The current Prada styles are hard to find at the local optical stores as well as on the internet. This was exactly what I was looking for. Even though this pair was on back order, they were shipped immediately upon arrival. was easy to use and made the once expensive purchase of frames now a thing of the past!
1 Oct, 2010
Dayna G from Las Vegas, USA
These glasses are awesome! :D
29 Sep, 2010
Jennifer F. from Franklin Park, USA
This was my first time purchasing designer eyeglasses online. To be honest, I was kind of skeptical at first - the price was lower than other websites so I asked myself is this too good to be true? Well I am so glad I went for it. The product arrived within 2 days in perfect brand new condition. The glasses came in the authentic eyeglass case/wipe. It was very well packaged, even included a mini shopping bag to complete my online shopping experience. Overall, I am very very happy with the product and with the service that this company offered. Prompt service, excellent product and very very competitive pricing. Highly recommended! I will definitely be ordering again for my next pair of glasses!
27 Aug, 2010
Judith Rapp from Bloomfield Hills, USA
the glasses came in their original prada case with cloth and authenticity certificate. This was a great purchases.
21 Aug, 2010
LIsa from Spokane
I get sooo many compliments on these
18 Aug, 2010
Kierstyn Edwards from Richland, USA
Shipping took longer than I expected but the price was much better and they are high quality. Recommend this site :)
10 Aug, 2010
Mary S M. from Temecula, USA
I was going to buy the same frame at the local designer eyewear place for $378, without the lenses. Wow...what a deal for authentic frames and the prescription for 1/2 the price. BRAVO...I will never buy frames or lenses elsewhere! Thank you
3 Aug, 2010
Mary Manriquez from Temecula, CA
Great price, excellent frames, and fast delivery. I saw the same frames at a private eye center for $378 and paid a fraction of the price at for the same make and frame. I am ordering my favorite Dior frames, as well as a few others too. Yes...a customer for life!
22 Jul, 2010
Quanyang Liu from Riverside, USA
19 May, 2010
Elizabeth Graham from West Roxbury, USA
The process for ordering the frames with lenses was extremely simple. The price was better than on other sites I viewed and the customer service was good.
18 May, 2010
Mohamed S. from monmouth junction, USA
i was surprised with the high level of quality and professional services thank you
16 May, 2010
Alexis Laskowski from Mt. Holly Springs, USA
Very nice product quick shipping and the glasses are great! It was very easy and I saved well over 175.00 dollars compared to the quote I recived from regular optical store for the same frame and lens package. Thank you very much and I will be back!
20 Apr, 2010
Erika C. from County Westmeath, Republic Of Ireland
These frames were gorgeous and a very neat size, light on the ears and nose. However if you have a very small face they may not suit. I have a tiny face, and they are a little bulky looking on me.
9 Apr, 2010
Gabe D. from Marietta, USA
Excellent price, great experience, highly recommend!!
24 Mar, 2010
JESSICA B. from PYRMONT NSW, Australia
I will definitely be getting any future glasses from your website and have been telling my friends all about it. Not only is the quality great and exactly what I wanted but the shipping was fast and secure. Thank you!!!
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