Ray Ban RX7017 Eyeglasses

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Ray Ban RX7017 Eyeglasses
Selected color: Matte Black (5196)
Ray Ban RX7017 Eyeglasses
Black (2000)
Ray Ban RX7017 Eyeglasses
Matte Black (5196)
Ray Ban RX7017 Eyeglasses
Black On Green (5197)
Ray Ban RX7017 Eyeglasses
Matte Havana (5200)
Ray Ban RX7017 Eyeglasses
Transparent Grey (5620)
Ray Ban RX7017 Eyeglasses
Transparent Blue (5752)
Ray Ban RX7017 Eyeglasses
Trasparent (5943)
Ray Ban RX7017 Eyeglasses
Trasparent Gray (8059)
Ray Ban RX7017 Eyeglasses
Trasparent Blu (8122)

Ray Ban RX7017 Eyeglasses

SALE $189.00 (While stock last)
IN STOCK Shipped within 1 business day
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Lenses sourced from USA manufacture and installed in USA lab, by trained lab technician
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1 Year Warranty
100% Authentic
Questions about Ray Ban RX7017 Eyeglasses
Are you legitimate retailers of the brand frames?
We are a legitimate online store for branded frame eyeglasses and sunglasses. We only order frames from the official suppliers for every brand. We assured you that the frame you will get is authentic.
Can you ship the frame right away once I order?
We have a standard processing time for orders. That why we can not ship it right away once you place your order. For frame only we have 4 business days, and for the frame with prescription lenses, it will take 8 business days.
Can this frame use for RX lenses?
Yes, this frame highly recommended for prescription lenses. If you purchase this frame with prescription lenses, we can do that for you. Just for single vision only because we are not doing progressive lenses.
If I return the frame to you for exchange what should I pay?
Return order subjected for exchange, you have to pay $9.95 for the restocking fee and shipping fee. Once we receive the return we will process the exchange. Please note the frame model, color, and size that you want. Then let us see if you have to pay or credit back for the price difference of the item. Please take note that lenses not refundable.
If I order the wrong color and I want to change it, can you help me?
If you are going to modify your order to the color that you really want, You can call us or email us, and advise the color you want. Then we the customer service agent will modify your order into your request. Please take note that we can only do this if your order is not already ship.

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To ensure your frames fit perfectly, first determine which size frames are best for you. The best place to start is with the eyeglass measurements on a pair you already own.
First, search for the three little numbers on the inside of the temple of your glasses. Some may also refer to this section as the "arm" of your glasses. These three numbers are the frame's measurements.

From left to right, these eyeglass measurements appear in the following order:

  1. Lens Width
  2. Bridge Width
  3. Temple Length

Sometimes a fourth number will be noted on the arms, which is your lens height. Keep in mind that all of these measurements are in millimeters.

Lens Width

This is the horizontal width of each lens at its widest point. It typically ranges from 40mm to 60mm.

Bridge Width

This is the distance between your two lenses. In short, the bridge width is the space where your frames fit against your nose. The size of this piece ranges from 14mm to 24mm.

Temple (Arm) Length

This is the length of the temple from each screw to its temple tip, including the bend that sits on your ear. The temple is typically 120mm to 150mm long.