PH4044 PH3044 POLO sunglasses

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PH4044 PH3044
$86.90 usd

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  • Original branded case & cleaning cloth
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One year Manufacture WARRANTY

Product description

These superb men's quality frames are versatile and will fit any style, meaning you'll be able to wear them anywhere and at any time.

If you have shorter nose, you might benefit from this pair of high bridge Polo PH4044 PH3044 sunglasses to accentuate your features and add more balance to your face.

Sports lovers and people, who love being outdoors doing things, favor these plastic frames. They're strong and reliable sunglasses, meaning you'll be able to go about your everyday life and maintain all the activities you did before without letting your eyewear get in the way.

If you have a higher nose bridge, you might find a pair of sunglasses with nose pads might be a comfortable option for you.

Full-rimmed sunglasses are a hot favorite among the youth. These thicker frames allow you to experiment more with color and style while fully protecting your lenses.

When it comes to choosing the right frames for you, some of the qualities you should look for are a secure fit and comfort; this is what these classic looking teacup Polo PH4044 PH3044 frames offer. Imagine cruising down the highway with the car top off and living freely; you'll certainly be able to make this more of a reality if you decide to opt for these vintage inspired frames. If you have a square or rectangle shaped face, you'll love how these can magically add a softer appearance.

Others are always going to stare, so you need to make it worth it with these stylish designer Polo PH4044 PH3044 frames that are iconic in their design and appearance. Stay beautiful forever with this understated pair of designer sunglasses.

These popular high temple sunglasses have been carefully designed to assist you in getting optimal unobstructed vision.

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