Safilo Sa 000 7Clip Clip-on

$14.00 USD $21.0033% OFF
Safilo Sa 000 7Clip Clip-on
Selected color: Violet / Gray Cp Pz (0B3V/M9)
Safilo Sa 000 7Clip Clip-on
Violet / Gray Cp Pz (0B3V/M9)
Safilo Sa 000 7Clip Clip-on
Red / Gray Cp Pz (0C9A/M9)
Safilo Sa 000 7Clip Clip-on
Blue / Gray Cp Pz (0PJP/M9)

Safilo Sa 000 7Clip Clip-on

$14.00 USD $21.0033% OFF

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PD or Pupil Distance is the distance between the pupil of each eye. Usually it is not provided by your optometrist and taken by the optician when you place order for eyeglasses. We highly recommend that you get this PD value when you have your eye examination.

This value is measured in mm (MILLIMETER) which is used to align the center of the lenses with the pupil.

If you do not have the PD on your prescription, you can measure it as shown below:
Step - 1 Place a simple mm ruler on your nose so that the starting point of the ruler is exactly at your left or right eye pupil. Keep the scale straight
Step - 2 Make Sure to look straight
Step - 3 Stand in front of the mirror or ask one of your friend to read the scale to measure the distance between the pupils
Step - 4 Repeat this at least three times to be more accurate

In most of the cases, PD value ranges between 57 mm to 65 mm with most common 63 mm

You may ask your or any local optician/optometrist to measure your PD and send it by return e-mail or call us with it.