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Recent customer's reviews

Beautiful glasses. Great price. Was skeptical and didn't know if they'd be real because the price was so good and because I had never heard of this website but they are 100% authentic and beautiful.

Julia Mcnamee from Oreland, USA - April 4, 2015

I love these glasses! I tried them on in an optical shop and knew I had to have them, but the price there was too much for me to afford. I found the exact same pair online at your website for over $100 less than the store I originally saw them at. The glasses were shipped to me quickly and arrived in perfect condition. I am extremely happy and will purchase from this company in the future.

Judy Mcdonald from Portland, USA - April 20, 2015

Great fit all around! Thank You!

James H. from Oswego, USA - April 20, 2015